What now?

This painting is from a few years ago but funny enough very accurate at this time we are in.
A Feeling of and now what?
It feels stagnated and every step you want to make is more difficult than before and needs extra care and consideration. She stands there with her hands in the air in a sea of colors.
Like as come and get me I don’t know anymore.
It is hanging in one of the most beautiful houses I know on this Island and hope the owners will come back soon because I miss them!


Genius Beetle

This photo is the foot print of a beetle under a microscope taken by @igorsiwanowicz . A sweet reminder how genius mother earth is. How we make an absolute mess at the moment in the world. Not only because we are plain dirty polluters but as well that we follow the narrative like we forgot how to use our own brilliant brains and body. It almost seems we forgot about the incredible sophistication of natural design and her absolute intelligence to be able to create these. Instead we pace on, controlled by rules and regulations outsourcing everything to devices, we follow like sweet little lams in order to succeed in our careers and to live our lives. We want to accomplish above everything and brush our status gold. And then half of the world is in lockdown and realises they are in shortage of too much. We have everything to gain to work with nature as it has been billions of years in the making. This beetle walks on beautiful colors day in day out, that must be a happy life !
Lolo Loren♡ photo by @igorsiwanowicz #lololoren #lolo #racingwithgods #photographer # #photography #photo _loren_lolo_

Lay with me

-Lay with me- She lies there in a passionate sea of red, with her arms crossed facing a difficult task, so the body language suggests.
Why is the color red so powerful. Thanks to its long wavelength, red is one of the most visible colors in the color spectrum, it is the color of physical energy, passion and desire but also course and emotional survival. As a personality color red, you are stimulating to be with and you radiate a great deal of energy. She has her arms crossed resting on her legs, it is a self soothing gesture meant to comfort yourself rather than to block others what normal body language clues would suggest. The crossing arms indicates here a difficult task. Painting 1mx1m

After being seriously hacked and loosing the access to my Lolo Loren Instagram account I sat down and thought what now?
Can I do without the exposure, is it a nice change to be without.
We know that an Instagram account takes time and daily updating.
I also thought if I wouldn’t be an entrepreneur, I couldn’t be the artist I am.
Working as an artist doesn’t only mean expressing yourself on a canvas or with a camera, but also putting your work out there in different ways.
So one way or the other I have to find easy reachable exposure with fast updated information and instagram is the perfect platform for that.
So here I am in the beginning of my new private account, yes private, that change I had to make.
If you like to follow me: _loren_lolo_ .

Find me there! XXLolo

Back to back

Division,. it feels like we are having our backs to each other, but still holding on, to something which is bonding us.
Or used to bond us, which was compassion, love, trust or friendship or just being both human.
We live in a difficult world at this time where it is very easy to slip into discussions about all the things at play. I try to sit it out knowing there will be an end to this which is causing this division.
Looking to the right which is always the future and on the right is the person in white, which means purity, renew, clean, innocence.  Green on the left is the past. Where green can be in the positive form balance nature and health I see here the greed over money which turned into something negative over the last decade, or longer even, it completely lost its balance? Green stands for money and can be associated to poison and acid or communicated as rot and decay. The blue in the person on the left has this deep indigo of stormy seas and can carry more threatening or frightening associations, and can make us feel unsettled or afraid of secrets deeply held, is the other person begging to speak up ? Having his face towards the blue person anxiously waiting for the truth? The blue person tide to a blue string to the roots of the ‘darkness’ Overuse of blue can feel cold and unfriendly. Don’t we have too many secrets in the world somehow?We can call them conspiracy theories but are they all? For me the painting gives hope for the future, everything which is wrong, corrupt or based on lies will come to the surface and will make place for a brilliant new clean future.

Clean slate for the world maybe? Lets hope so !

Friday 22/10/2021 Day&night

You are invited to my show on Friday 22nd of Oktober 2021 from 4-8pm
Send me an email on lologelderman@gmail.com to have the rest of the information.
XXLolo Loren

Sabina estate

Nice project in the South of Ibiza , Sabina estate.