Living on an island like me which goes on an annual ‘lockdown’ I can feel a tiny bit how people must feel in the areas which are hit by Corona, I like to call it the ‘Fear virus’.
Here on Ibiza in Spain right in the centre of Europe, we experience that shops and restaurants are closed for approx 3 months, a bit of a ‘cave time’ a wintersleep like the bears do, to regain strength.
 People leave the island to follow the sun to return when the season begins again.
 A normality here, for me still after almost 15 years a time to reflect with hiccups.
 My cave time is filled with tickets of airplanes.
A challenge to live with what is here. It feels deserted and isolated.
I feel very far form society and have trouble following the hypes of the big cities. I stop reading the news it only makes me feel further away.
I try to adjust and find the purpose like they do..
One thought came to mind in my cave time this winter and that is that 
I think we can say with all honesty that we have a new definition :
The life before and after 2020. 
We have entered a huge global wakeup call, not because we lash out and scream ‘how dare you’ but by really feeling this wave of destructive unclarity, powerless we let fear be the pandemic instead of the virus itself. 
Fear was faster in speed than the virus. That makes you wonder why and if this is a broken system which was allowed or even doomed to fail.
We can call this a Black swan event, impossible to predict due to their extreme rarity yet have catastrophic consequences.
It is an event always alluring and important to acknowledge by us, humanity, and act accordingly once in it.
That doesn’t mean we need to live in fear but how do we approach the world in the face of uncertainty and still enjoy life?
It has been said that it takes 20 days of reducing connectivity to avert this serious problem. Which is already showing in parts of the world, they are living the serious problem.
But are we compassionate enough towards the rest of the world, strangers, far away countries we have never been and have no connection with to be willing to give up things for their good?,. are we compassionate enough to give up our connectivity to ’save’ the world from this catastrophe.
I think we have an immense wake up call, we are so connected, we are one world, this affects us all one way or the other, soon or later. We must approach this globally and find the courage to stay put for 20 days. In the end what is 20 days ? Mandela did 25 years! 
You can do without your holiday, and yes we have internet so we can connect online and do business, your lover can dream about your sexy legs 20 days more, no we are not more important in this case than the higher good of planet earth. 
It speaks so loud lately because we can’t seem to listen carefully.. 
first we had the fires in Australia and now Corona or ‘the Fear’ as I call it. 
If planet earth had a voice it would say , :
‘I had enough you all need to change’ ! 
And I agree..
This is call on humanity from the inside, a call on compassion, a call on what is really important in life to you, to us, for the world itself .
It all resonates and comes down to the same summarise:
Planet earth is speaking loud and we need to act.