The Press went online with the launch of 3 power women opening their show LAYER on May 12th in Ibiza- Spain, AND May 20th in Naarden- The Netherlands. Micky Hoogendijk, Judith Wiersema and myself , very proud to announce our joined show, please request your personal invitation by email via our websites or , sign in and we will keep you updated and put you on the guest list. Looking forward to see you !!

Tweet Activity, ..

Tweet Activity, ..

Ha !!,..Jesus has scored in a few minutes the Twitter tweets , woop woop ,.more to come

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Happy Easter !

Happy Easter !

A very happy Jezus ,bring on the eggs , Atzaro opens for another long rocking season, Paloma kicks off with a good old Ibiza north vibe, a perfect visit to the top of my favourite mountain met with comfortable otherworldly hazy peace where Isis hopefully can’t find their way, the first boat trip out to meet with the dolphins who can still swim in tranquility ,. 21 degrees, smelling the sweet smell of summer beginnings ,.Ibiza slowly starts to live again, swing on.
Have great weekend

The nineteenth Beijing International Art Expo

The nineteenth Beijing International Art Expo

Oh yes thank you so much for the invite ,.

Dear gallery’s director or owner:

The nineteenth Beijing International Art Expo will be held in Beijing exhibition hall in September 1st to 4th in 2016, with the advantages of over 18 years of high popularity, and has become a competitive art exhibition in Asia based on local, to international, contemporary integration, has become the highest comprehensive, body mass, leading art development trend of the art event, in galleries, art institutions and collectors between the most widely, the most efficient exchange platform and information platform.

This year’s Beijing Art Expo to show now contemporary Chinese painting, paintings, installations, video, home design based, ad hoc contemporary artists exhibition, international gallery exhibition, Russia Classic Exhibition, famous recommendation exhibition, classical art exhibition, contemporary home design exhibition theme exhibition this year, continue to work at home and abroad more than 100 galleries, art institutions exhibitors, will provide more delicate, characteristics of the art of discovery and exploration platform for the majority of collectors and the audience is expected to attract over 30000 spectators to visit. Also by holding a series of forums and lectures, as well as a link to the capital of the art of the art of the tour, let you feel the most intuitive development of China’s art market.

In honor of the 19th edition, we will well-functioning the most extensive program in its history by encompassing premiere events, special exhibitions, topical lectures, special museum tours, art installations, sculpture zone, art performances and exclusive VIP programs.

We would be very pleased to have you apply for participation in the 19th Beijing Art Expo. Please take this unique chance to experience the contemporary art scene for yourself.