Director’s cut Brazil 2016

Director’s cut Brazil 2016

Max Verstappen with a mission,. copy paste and watch and listen , F++ he can drive!,.love their communication !’s_Cut__Brazil_2016.html#

November Rain

November Rain

November Rain,..

Depending on which country or part of the country you are, I missed my perfect super moon because I was at the wrong time at the wrong place ,.
November Rain blurred my view , my Taurus opposite moon Scorpio .Pffff ,.new beginnings , gain , and the rest .

Well so, I flew back on time to my southern loca Island to be face to face with the moon again,
Transavia gave me a little ‘beautiful foreplay’ up on cloud 9 .

And shadows still remain
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain

Thank you for your call, I did not become a witch ………yet .



Ha yep the painting tells the story!

Ha yep the painting tells the story!

This week I finally found myself painting in my atelier again, with all the arrangements and travelling I did not find the time nor the right spirit.
But it was so empty with all my work gone to London Miami and Schiedam , needed to fill it up with some new work.

But the thing is when you go to the hairdresser your hair never looked more perfect, when you need a dress for the right party you can’t find it, when you finally unintentionally find the perfect amazing dress, you have no party.

So when you have to , want to paint, nothing comes out ,…or weird stuff , stories are being told again on my canvas.

Lets study them, I will get back to you ..

Goodnight,. fireplace time , sun goes down ,.tralalala