the RandomHouse

the RandomHouse

The doors are open ! Really happy with my paintings and photos in this venue , they fit so perfectly ! Keep you posted’ ! For now a happy me ! LoveMeXXXX

Amsterdam Expo Green

Amsterdam Expo Green

3 of the pieces I will show this coming Tuesday ..packing preparing for Amsterdam

Cant wait!

The Random house Visseringstraat 9 am I will be there !


Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta

Beautiful after summer sceneries .

Last day of mid term and Dutch holidays , you feel the silence slowly coming .

Fire place on , Island people stay .

Mister Trump tell me quickly please ,..

Mister Trump tell me quickly please ,..

Fake views:

Chicago art museum says the painting hanging in Trump’s NYC apartment is NOT a genuine Renoir because the real one is hanging in THEIR gallery… (but the president obviously disagrees)

French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Two Sisters (On The Terrace) has hung in the Art Institute of Chicago since 1933 but Trump asserts his is real
Trump’s version hangs in the New York Trump Tower and has been featured on two recent interviews

‘You know, that’s an original Renoir,’ Tim O’Brien said Trump claimed when the writer asserted that the real one was in Chicago
The Renoir was given to the Art Institute in 1933 by Annie Swan Corburn. She had bought it from Paul Durand-Ruel for $100,000

He got the piece from the master creator in 1881

President Donald Trump’s latest squabble is over a piece of work he believes he legitimately owns, while the Art Institute of Chicago claims they have the real one and that his is fake.

French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Two Sisters (On The Terrace) has supposedly hung in the Art Institute of Chicago since 1933 but Trump asserts his is the real deal.

His version hangs in his Trump Tower apartment in New York and has been featured on two recent interviews: the president-elect interview with 60 Minutes and during a Fox News interview with First Lady Melania Trump.

If sold for the same rate it sold in 1933, the piece would go for $1,898,607.69.

hm ..well Mister Trump what is the verdict ??

Amsterdam Art Expo

Amsterdam Art Expo


Lolo Loren’s Amsterdam Expo

October 31- November 1 2017

The world does not belong to us.

There is more to human existence and to reality itself than science can ever have access to.

For Lolo Loren’s new exhibition, the theme is green. Progress and eternal life. The two day event will take place in the beautiful Random House in Amsterdam. The venue’s own green walls complement the paintings and photos that are all related to the colour green in some way. In the works exhibited, green is the colour of life and nature but also of growth, harmony and safety. It can also signify mystical or magical properties.

There is almost no area of human life today that is not touched by the effects of science and technology. Yet the role that science has, or should have, in relation to human life is not always clear. This is an urgent issue because without the guidance of ethics, conscientiousness and compassion, scientific advances can cause us more harm than good. The artist is particularly interested in exploring our limitations as human beings.
Who we are and what motivates us.
What is real and who we are in a world where nature and man-made artifice, reality and illusion, human and non-human are in a constant tug of war. In this context, pursuit of happiness can be a slippery slope, especially when we are motivated by material wealth and fame. However, if we can find happiness in the process of achieving our goals, and are not be distracted by comparison or competition, we will succeed.

For Lolo Loren, art is a reminder of what really is.
Buying art should be more than just owning a loved object that may appreciate in value; it can be an act of philanthropy. It can serve as a confirmation of the things we should appreciate more, such as nature or the mystery of life – how it takes us and all its beauty what comes with that. A constant reminder in the midst of our busy lives that nature doesn’t need us, we need nature.

The exhibition is open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00 – 22:00.

Champagne will be officially opened at 17.00 on Tuesday .

Lolo Loren is a mixed media visual artist and photographer who uses a range of materials in her work. Her paintings are usually built up of layers of varying materials, often fused together with layers of gloss coating that afford her work a highly aesthetic, three dimensional quality.
Lolo Loren has exhibited extensively at a number of international galleries, shows and fairs including Art Fair Zurich (2015), RAI Amsterdam the Masters of LXRY fair (2015), LAYER LAREN (2016), LAYER IBIZA (2016), Art BASEL , Basel (2016), Art Basel Miami , Spectrum (2016), Art Boca Raton (2017), Art Palm Beach (2017), ArtExpo New York (2017) and Art Santa Fe (2017). Her work will be exhibited at Art Basel Miami in December this year.

The Random House
Visseringstraat 39–41
1051 KH Amsterdam
+31 (0) 65 422 09 22

Expect the unexpected at The Random House. The Random House a collector’s loft, art gallery and artists’ studio in a revamped industrial garage space that has been transformed into an extravagant, contemporary loft full of wonders.