IMG_8038 (1)

I love to take pictures and thanks to Instagram the other half of the world as well.

Sometimes you make a picture and it kind of says it all even when it doesn’t say anything at all.
This picture is the perfect example of my sentence above what most probably sounds like ‘fluff’ to you…
( nicked that from you.. smirk please )

Woomoon where people get the change to wear whatever they please and so feel and be precisely what they want to be or feel.

Hippy , posh , old, young , old souls , clueless new borns , drunks , druggies , mothers housewives , and everybody who ticks the rest of the boxes !

yes indeed nothing special , but take a look longer and think that they had no idea they were captured , they have no idea they are now here on my blog ,..

and then look again ,

try ,

I call that the trick of the mind.

Something changed .