Pierce Brosnan as Eli McCullough - The Son _ Season 1, Gallery - Photo Credit: James Minchin/AMC
oh yes I blogged about it,. as at a certain point I could only see beards and sunglasses covered faces and could not help myself thinking ‘what the F***  happened to the world’ .

Where are the faces ? I saw only beards ..

How do we kiss those men ? It must be like being scrubbed and peeled if you have been challenging the hairy men ., a very odd thought the least to say !

And yet here I am still trying to discover where and why this trend came from and why this suddenly intrigues me as much as it wonders me .?

You must give me more time for that . In the mean time studying on the subject I discovered something else .

I started to get very fascinated by the man behind the beard , it has something secretive, grown up,

even sexy.,

Beards come with wisdom and power in my new born opinion .

I came to the point that I wanted to touch it as it was a ‘substance’ I never felt before,

the thought of the sensation it gives wherever it kisses you, made me want to investigate more .

So what happened to the world?

That will be an answer I will give you very soon..