Body activist and model Ashley Graham is all about the power of self-acceptance, can we be satisfied with who we are. Are we as perfect as we think we are? I question my own slogan.

Rita Ora in black widow song, always “on it” shows the “real curves” of women, fit, sexy ruling and powerful , new sensation of feminisme? or better said womanisme a word I hope they will put once in the dictionary, they now say did you mean feminisme , nooo  I mean womanisme it says it all and completely !? It would make me very happy!

Size zero disappears for good into the trash like a picture which you slide slowly to the right corner of your computer,erase, a popup asks you “are you sure you want to delete this picture?”, yes … easy .

I wonder why, we as very international -Intercontinental- Europeans are still so behind on the new curvy look? Why continent of where fashion was basically invented, born and grew into a world of big fashion names as Gucci, Chanel, Dior, why do we still believe we are the ones who are setting the scene for future predictions on the fashion front but at the same time we can’t seem to move on to the next very refreshing fase of going “CURVY”..womanisme ,.I dare the dictionary.



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