As I am still in shock of my experience yesterday so I wanted to share this .
Whilst walking on the Vara del Rey , main square in Ibiza ,I heard some nice french talking, very loud and weird words he used but his accent was perfect.
I love to hear people speaking french so it got my attention immediately. It occurred all very odd and random to me but did not know if I should take action or just get on with my life …
I walked away got my take away coffee but couldn’t seem to leave the square .
There was a weird vibe people were disrupted ,. leaving their chairs..a bit of panic, 2 police men chasing this young man . All of a sudden he started to make noises as if it wasn’t him , sounds I never heard before , he felt chased and pussed into a corner he did not want to be in, the police men still chasing slowly.
He jumped in a tree like a monkey higher than I have ever seen by a human being before and then jumped out as well almost inhuman , without fear to jump, but with a fear what was chasing him.
Despair I felt. Complete paranoia . Some guys and the police took action and jump on him , as we know the ‘hulk’ he and his strength pulled himself free, my heart was beating I felt so sorry for this your guy, he was all looking normal in appearance , nice clothing , fitness body , clean.
Finally they took him ‘down’ 4 people were sitting on him, his hands tight behind him, he could only cry like a wolf, scared as if he was lying there in his own dark world with multiple people talking horrible things to him, zombi talk, whispering in his ears , he scrachted his face continually on the pavement blood flowed everywhere.
20 min passed and nothing happened no police car no ambulance ,, then finally the police came with their car and pushed him in, totally underestimated and sorry to say in my opinion rather clueless in which situation they were in with this young man on a drug like Flakka he was so strong almost made the car roll over, so much strength came out of this young person,they had to pull him out on the floor again.
45 min on the floor with one of the police men talking Italian to him , so wanted to tell the policeman please don’t you recognise the language don’t you speak one little word over your so beautiful border ? That pissed me off the guy in despair being french, hunted down like an animal and this clueless police man talking Italian ??Really?…
On this drug which called Flakka, it gets its name from Spanish slang for a beautiful woman “la flaca”, is in the States a real problem, police in the States know immediately how to recognise this, here they wanted to take him smoothly away in a police car ,..? Why are they not familiar to this drug already ? This drug has the result to “flood the brain” they must have heard about it ??You do not take a overdosed Flakka person in a normal police car to the station to question him ! One of the police man poured some cold water on his head after 15 minutes or more , If you are in this job and read a little bit about this drug one of the things what happens is that your temperature rises to 40 degrees or more .. he should have had a bag of ice on his head. If I only knew I would have arranged that , now I was clueless standing there and watching it all happen …
I loved how little old spanish ladies came to the rescue and screamed that this was absolutely inhuman , it made me smile again for a split second .
Finally after 45 min the ambulance came , mind you , Can misses and Rosario the 2 main Hospitals are at the end of the street !!!
Finally he got his tranquilizer and there he went to a life all new to him. He would wake up in a bed he had no recollection o.f no name no passport no memory no explanation .Was he here on a holiday and promised a so called nice evening with a super ‘love’ drug ? Why did he trust this in the first place ?Why did this happen to him ?
This drug has a very thin line between getting high and dying. It’s that critical.
I wonder if he polluted his soul so much and let the dark side in that he can not find the right route back to a happy life.
I hope he will be lucky and recover from this and learned his lesson. Or did he damage his organs so much that he will be a patient for the rest of his life?
You see why my mother heart was crying, this is not how we brought up our kids. This is far from the dream I had in my mind for my kids. So I am really disappointed in the people who trafficked this shit to our Island . Don’t we have enough of nice things already ?And I am not talking any other drugs because I do not see any benefits to any drug ( exception Medical cannibis) , I am talking beautiful beaches , people restaurants, nightclubs sea and nature !
A few insides on Flakka , also called Zombi drug , Sal de Bano , Bath salts ,Crocodile ..
Although a typical flakka high can last one to several hours, it is possible that the neurological effects can be permanent. Not only does the drug sit on neurons, it could also destroy them.
Bath salts ( flakka )hangs around in the brain for longer than cocaine, the extent of the destruction could be greater.
Another serious, potentially lingering side effect of flakka is the effect on kidneys. The drug can cause muscles to break down, as a result of hyperthermia, taking a toll on kidneys. Experts worry that some survivors of flakka overdoses may be on dialysis for the rest of their life.
The difference between high and dying is too close to jeopardize.
It can lead to a range of extreme symptoms: “excited delirium,” as experts call it, marked by violent behavior; spikes in body temperature paranoia. Probably what has brought flakka the most attention is that it gives users what feels like the strength and fury of the Incredible Hulk ,bizarre behaviour ,agitation,delusions of superhuman strength. The last and most terrifying side effect is that it makes you want to bite or eat humans this is why they also call it the Zombi drug .
Yesterday it felt like I was watching a movie but it was real, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change .
The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference .