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I am dreaming of Africa , not ‘dreamed’ like in the book or the movie ,
I keep on dreaming ..

As much as I like to see all of your faces, hear all of your stories,

Drink Gin Tonics, eat the latest hippest canapés ,dip my finger in chocolate mousse .

I must admit I am longing for silence. To hear myself think.
Obviously I need the bohemian chic life as they love to call it in magazines, to get inspired, not all comes by meditation only.?!

I have never been to Africa, but my field lets me dream away and lets me pretend I am in Africa, yes I have a gift to put myself in lovely fairytales.

The hay is yellow at the moment and soon it will be cut and every time I hope the farmer will make the rolls instead of the squared ones.

I never ask him , I should I suppose.

That thinking just simple questions which we forget, the here and the now, right in front of you, Simple things, little things

Goodnight Afrika