This photo is the foot print of a beetle under a microscope taken by @igorsiwanowicz . A sweet reminder how genius mother earth is. How we make an absolute mess at the moment in the world. Not only because we are plain dirty polluters but as well that we follow the narrative like we forgot how to use our own brilliant brains and body. It almost seems we forgot about the incredible sophistication of natural design and her absolute intelligence to be able to create these. Instead we pace on, controlled by rules and regulations outsourcing everything to devices, we follow like sweet little lams in order to succeed in our careers and to live our lives. We want to accomplish above everything and brush our status gold. And then half of the world is in lockdown and realises they are in shortage of too much. We have everything to gain to work with nature as it has been billions of years in the making. This beetle walks on beautiful colors day in day out, that must be a happy life !

Lolo Loren♡ photo by @igorsiwanowicz #lololoren #lolo #racingwithgods #photographer#photography #photo _loren_lolo_