The life of an artist is most likely always insecure, you have months when you sell a lot,
when you are extremely inspired and there are months of complete disaster!

The moment when you don’t sell enough, (in the end how we measure our success in this world)
that is the moment you start to doubt your work.
therefor yourself,
the path you are on,
and so you make yourself prisoner of your own thoughts and doubts.
Lack of resources drive you numb and aimless.
Creativity gets lost .., so you sit back and think.

Think of all the things you do have,
amazing kids, 5 fingers on both hands, gasolina in the tank,
food on the table, silly stories to tell, a runaway cat and a dog who loves him.

Time for recuperation, solitude and a lot of realisation, time when ideas are born.
“what is your plan to do with your one wild and precious life ?” .
By doing that the brain taps out of your so called ‘prison’, and makes space for the new,
it activates your creativity and lets you continue your path and purpose!

Mine is to prevent Art from getting lost described as above, a fairly privileged example.
It can be a lot worse when Art get lost through wars or by tight restrictions on freedom of Art.
Or because of poverty and so I want to help Artists to give them a platform and regain their will, lust and love to make beautiful things.

We must not forget that we stay human by appreciating and engaging with art .

Get on that beautiful road to excitement again! ..
We will meet again ..

Thank you folk green