One of the really first encounters with art was to see the amazing huge colorful paintings of Mark Rothko they spoke such a peaceful language I could look at them with jealousy for hours thoughts were always how can colors have so much power even if there are only 2 on the canvas . Powerful . Never knew then that I one day would paint to earn my money , and more astonished never really realized the real story behind his tragic death.So once more I found myself to read all the stories about his daughter left to ‘save’ his legacy only was she 19 at that time ., the difficulties of the art world, the people she thought were to be trusted , how greed would lead to some sort of destruction .The powerless feeling of going against the current of the established art world . But she did it after years of fighting she could save what he once wished . So much respect for her and so much to learn from him ! #inspires #markrothko #katerothko #artist #amazing #ode #painted #painting #smiles #racingwithgods #years #fight #battles #legacy #respect #exhibition #abstractart #rothko #stories #totell. @_lolo_loren_

Lolo Loren