The Chair

The Chair in my atelier is where I sit and think ,
Mostly in the sun
Overlooking the fields, grass, trees , a cat , my dog
Nothing more to see,. sometimes a car passes.
Could be Afrika or Timboektoe
The chair where I like to sit when my clients are walking around ..
To leave them watch without my interference,

but sometimes the watch me ..


Not all can be the same

Drawing is not painting ,..obviously ..

The inspiration comes from the drawings , as somewhere I think this is me .



From Drawing to painting

So yes then finally I put myself to paint the drawings .

It will be a serie of 10 different paintings from drawings,
all black and white,
with wooden frame in coating.

Here a beginning !

Happy Easter again, ..

The unknown..

We often imagine a journey as being an undertaking that starts at one point and ends at another. Indeed many think of life along the same lines a determined start an undertemined end .
As I have journey along my life’s path I have come to realise it is not a thin line but a rather broad highway that we walk.
There is room to swerve along moving from side to side snaking our way through, all the while moving forward no matter how gradually.
When we give ourselves over to destiny, when we listen to our inner voice or follow our gut instinct , we tend to move through life with fewer curves and swerves; we cover less distance and have fewer bumps in our path.

I find it is when we become bloody minded and choose to run up against the proverbial wall that we do most damage and spend unnecessary energy on our pathway .

I have also embraced the realisation that life is not a straight line but circular with many circles that over lay each other , over the past time I have started to recognise when a circle is closing , be it a relationship, a lesson one must learn or a chapter of one’s life.

The joy comes in knowing you ‘re starting a new circle not knowing how long or how impactful it will be .

The true adventure of life is the unknown


Thank you for your insight