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November sun! …Givenchy meets Harley D .. selfie taken on a pillow case once given from Hubert de Givenchy himself to my coolest grandmother, think the stars are speaking loud&clear today! Love my new too early Birthday present :special edition star sun glasses @givenchyofficial cool thank you! #sunglasses #sun #fun #novemberbirthdaymonth #scorpioseason #scorpio #happybirthday #ibizasun #glasses #presentsforme #harleydavidson #almostweekend #workout #paint #photos #selfie #sunglasselfie @lololorenart ⭕️LoveMeXXXX
onke_spainDie is mooi!! Goed kado!
tkrisje.olthoffEarly Scorpio-present I Like 😎
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Where mankind is heading

Thank you ,You,

.. for telling me about this book , and yes I agree it is absolutely in my lane and in my
-artistically Lolo telling way-
I try to get the same message across for a while now.

Not that I am trying to change the world or that I want to pretend to know it ‘better’ but I do think we have to ‘look up ‘ more and enjoy what is there , here and in front of us .

About the book :
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari –

This new book examines where we might be headed . Predicting the future isn’t as easy as deconstructing the past, and Harari openly admits the challenge—but even if he’s completely wrong in his predictions, and most of us doubt he is, Homo Deus is the kind of provocative, food-for-thought read that drew so many of us to his work in the first place.

What is the biggest threat to mankind in the 21st century: financial meltdown, nuclear war or ecological disaster? The answer, according to Yuval Noah Harari, is none of the above. Instead our greatest existential challenge will come from the “techno-religion” known as Dataism.

(Definition of: dataism. dataism. The future evolution of technology wherein data become more valuable than humans. Dataism goes beyond techno-humanism, which envisions technology making people smarter.)

He insists we cannot predict the future and that his scenarios are possibilities rather than predictions. He also suggests that in the short to medium term we are right to concentrate on issues such as the refugee crisis and global warming. But if we take a “grand view of life” — say, over 50 or 100 years — we ignore the threat of Dataism at our peril.

The question is : “What’s more valuable ?
Intelligence or consciousness?

And how is data actually destroying human freedom or our ability to use our gut instinct .

So Call me, let me hear the tone of your voice, scream shout or tell me your deepest secret or let the full moon talk louder , act on instinct , use your hindsight , try to think if there would be no tomorrow, how would you live today.

Act ,

move ;

dare to Live and,.

oh please yes and start now,.

Goodnight !



Dear Zoe!

Just to say thank you again for the amazing super fast order of your lovely suit , and therefor trust !

Loved it for my opening and will love it on more occasions !

Will visit soon ( my wish ,,)


And then ..

The color orange always means a change of weather , a full moon does the last bit !

worth to take some pics ..and a video and then we were disconnected for an hour …

The sky was speaking very loud , we needed water we got water !

Happy island!

Home sweet home

November sea swim before the storm came , lucky us , amazing water !

Try again tomorrow !

Home …

Where I can buy a pizza and have it delivered without an application of Deliveroo ,.and pay cash

where I can simply listen to music without an application I forgot the name of..

Where I can put my hand up and find a taxi without an Uber application ( we do not have them here )or walk a mile to the first ‘taxi standplaats’

Where I can pay with credit card or simply leave the ticket behind the counter and pay in a week .

Where I don’t have to check in and out with a ticket I can not buy without a ‘pinpas’ to take the tram

Where the silence embraces me without feeling uninvited or missing out

Where I go to something to stay and not to only pass by ..

Where the taxi chauffeur knows the street I live, without to have to type it in an application without glasses because of some unspoken reasons why he can not write it himself …

Oh dear God if I had all these applications I have missed to make my life a little bit more comfortable the last 3 days my phone is definitely up for a refresh, update or reboot or whatever needed.

I really wonder why, and that was funny enough the whole point of my exposition, -which I got confirmed just by ‘living’ the city again- , we put ourselves in such an ‘application’ world , we look more down at our phones than up to what is really important and just right in front of us ! …

Look up my lovely friends you might miss out on something really beautiful!!

,.life and his mysteries




-The world does not belong to us -.

There is more to human existence and to reality itself than current science can ever give acces to.

How can I show through this picture how limited we actually are as human beings, That there is almost no area of human life today that is not touched by the effects of science and technology,
That we are masters of the words we don’t say and slaves to the ones we do,
Yet are we clear about the place of science in the totality of human life what exactly it should do and by what it should be governed?
This is critical because unless the direction of science is guided by a consciously ethical motivation especially compassion its effects may fail to bring benefit and can may cause harm.
If we try to find success in fame or things we will most likely fail , if we find happiness in the process , and to not be distracted by comparison or competition, we should succeed .



Green Cross

without the coating rough and tough , colourful and very different , love the action in it!