sun is out training starts ..

5km a day ( ok there are days that I just skip ,))
But normally yes and it is just to give the body a boost of energy and good vibes.
Then some muscle strength training simple push ups, legs training and planking
Use weights on your legs gives it a bit of and edge ,)
and then pray



Masks off

endless campo life without the mask;)

Surrounded by stars

Happy home for lockdown
So many stars already in the early afternoon hours

it is all in the mind

“Atlas agreed, but only if Heracles would hold up the sky.
Atlas was pleased to be free from its weight but Heracles tricked him into holding it again…
Atlas was known as being ‘stout-hearted,’ strong, resilient and only a little gullible.
A common misconception today is that Atlas was forced to hold the Earth on his shoulders, not the heavens..

Has the world become to heavy ?


I love this comment I got today thank you Emmanuela 

Emmanuelara Ibiza
There is not one painting i have seen of yours that has not got a magic combination of colours. And forms. They flow. The textures too, they somehow sustain all the painting movements. Amazing. X

the mask

‘The new look’..
Obviously this must belong to the past, also black and white photos refer immediately to the past so let’s leave it there.
Let us wake up and live again,
throw away the masks,
the gloves,
trust your immune system and go,
go make money,
go make love, go hug a tree, go search,
but please go, fly and live!


The Hanged man

As we know the hanged man in the tarot cards.

Running away blood on your hands ..


Social distancing
Big Brother is watching you !
Female touch ..