small work ..50×60 cm

What do we see this time ?

New work , ..Locked up

Sweet small white canvas pieces and yes will be coated as well, waiting to be wrapped and packed .

Everything comes back to you as a little catapult. Be prepared ..release breathe and then the rest !

70cmX 70cm

New work.

It is all in your head , the dream .

Whites , pieces of canvas and finally their coating layer .

This one size 80x100cm

Ibiza May

The month of May is the month of Ibiza, opening after opening.
Even though it is extremely cold to the point that I have the fireplace on ,.!..we continue our nights out, out sight ..out of sight.

Tomorrow Nobu, lets see how they kickstart this season!

Hi-gh and Bye –

Izakaya Opening

What happened before we came to this …
The route of Instagram approved perfect pic

Yes this is how it works …

We all can be beautiful on a picture
@facetune and whatever tool ,

Done posted more likes than minutes then you are good to go..

Yeah weirdest world we live in .