yellow snake

little painting
very yellow mellow snake


all about Dragons
pencil drawing

Drawing women

Photographic Drawing .
60cmX60cm black frame
Nice Christmas present !


White Ibiza

Some snapshots for the photoshoot for White Ibiza
Story about the artist on the Island

Photos by Ana Lui


ArtBasel Reddot

Are you in Miami with Artbasel ?

Come and see me at Contemporary Art Projects USA
Booth 101. Reddot
For VIP Ticket Please email
or message me !


The Rock of Joy

In 2 weeks this photo will be included in the launch party of GUP Magazine.
During the launch party, the GUP New Dutch Photography Talent Award 2020 will be presented. This photo I call ‘The rock of joy’ in the north of Ibiza our favourite hangout for fun and some jumping! see you there! LoveLolo