painting 120x120cm

These men

It feels like they were talking about me , you know there is this girl taking pictures of us , ‘ yes up there ‘

..let her

Thank you guys !

Sweet little girl

Chasing the pigeons .

I love the shadows as the are always one step behind so it seems ..

so small but yet so big

It has been a while since I have mentioned something about it ,
that doesn’t mean it left my mind.
August seems the month for reflection, leaning back challenging the heat,
Taking a good look at life in a very slow pace.
This picture I took says a lot, we are so small compare to the huge world we live in,
In the end it is all a state of mind,

and if I have the power to change the mindset of some,

I can chase my dream and make those artists around the world who deserve it ,.


Dreams , dream big