November swim

Wet suit not required amazing day!

Spoiled ..



Drawings ..

Something different ,

I Like !

Dangerous Smileys ..the winking one ;)

Oh yes I have been resisting them,
ohh and yes I have been discussing them , writing about them..
uhh yes and I have been judging them,
almost cursing them.

And then you find yourself in the position of ‘an emergency case’ of using them.
At least that is what I thought that this was the moment to use it ..
Why did I permit myself to use the winking smiley without even being really sure I will use them right?

Lets go to the basic definition of an emoticon, that is nothing more than a series of punctuation marks that form a face, expressing an emotion.
That’s right, an emoticon can express in a couple of dots and lines what you could not describe in words.
And I found myself in precisely that position that my text was not expressing exactly what I wanted to communicate !
So what happend ? ,and oh my lord I beg you to understand I was not trying to be winking wrongly or weirdly or,.

I just had to write a message politely, even though I had written it before it involved some urgency from my part, probably not on the to do list for the receiving end, so I needed to put some lightness to it without being too pushy .

-Pushy-not pussy 😉 ( pay attention please ) –

But similar to a wink in real life, the winky face is more than just a simple smile.
It can mean that what you’ve just said is a complete lie or even that you’d like to do something a little bit more than just deliver a letter into someone’s letter box..

Oh help what will this man think?!

I learned also that it is a cool way of saying “you know what I mean” I hope my man will choose that option ,.

It stays fairly open to interpretation though and please let this person who I winked at be someone whose creativity in understanding will lead to not be mislead by my winking and will let him understand my humbleness but importance in the message .

I think next time I will call.

Those series of punctuation marks is not my thing , I guess .

Goodnight !


Woman !

And the message is

we need more passion
more confusion
more sex
more hazy pictures
we need more challenging good pictures

for the eyes
and the body
for the release
for the soul
for the mind .

Need , want ,.such a fine line

Passion changes everything


Cloud Claws & Stars

Cloud Claws & Stars

Could it be night, could it be day
Floating in space I am drifting away
Everything here, close to me
Is just the way I want it to be
It’s all about faith, it’s all about trust


Paloma Dinner

My little creative daughter her style !


November sun! …Givenchy meets Harley D .. selfie taken on a pillow case once given from Hubert de Givenchy himself to my coolest grandmother, think the stars are speaking loud&clear today! Love my new too early Birthday present :special edition star sun glasses @givenchyofficial cool thank you! #sunglasses #sun #fun #novemberbirthdaymonth #scorpioseason #scorpio #happybirthday #ibizasun #glasses #presentsforme #harleydavidson #almostweekend #workout #paint #photos #selfie #sunglasselfie @lololorenart ⭕️LoveMeXXXX
onke_spainDie is mooi!! Goed kado!
tkrisje.olthoffEarly Scorpio-present I Like 😎
hoefnagel_annemarieBeautiful gorgeous photo stunning

Where mankind is heading

Thank you ,You,

.. for telling me about this book , and yes I agree it is absolutely in my lane and in my
-artistically Lolo telling way-
I try to get the same message across for a while now.

Not that I am trying to change the world or that I want to pretend to know it ‘better’ but I do think we have to ‘look up ‘ more and enjoy what is there , here and in front of us .

About the book :
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari –

This new book examines where we might be headed . Predicting the future isn’t as easy as deconstructing the past, and Harari openly admits the challenge—but even if he’s completely wrong in his predictions, and most of us doubt he is, Homo Deus is the kind of provocative, food-for-thought read that drew so many of us to his work in the first place.

What is the biggest threat to mankind in the 21st century: financial meltdown, nuclear war or ecological disaster? The answer, according to Yuval Noah Harari, is none of the above. Instead our greatest existential challenge will come from the “techno-religion” known as Dataism.

(Definition of: dataism. dataism. The future evolution of technology wherein data become more valuable than humans. Dataism goes beyond techno-humanism, which envisions technology making people smarter.)

He insists we cannot predict the future and that his scenarios are possibilities rather than predictions. He also suggests that in the short to medium term we are right to concentrate on issues such as the refugee crisis and global warming. But if we take a “grand view of life” — say, over 50 or 100 years — we ignore the threat of Dataism at our peril.

The question is : “What’s more valuable ?
Intelligence or consciousness?

And how is data actually destroying human freedom or our ability to use our gut instinct .

So Call me, let me hear the tone of your voice, scream shout or tell me your deepest secret or let the full moon talk louder , act on instinct , use your hindsight , try to think if there would be no tomorrow, how would you live today.

Act ,

move ;

dare to Live and,.

oh please yes and start now,.

Goodnight !