The ripple effect.
Can be followed outwards incrementally ..

Mountains and me

The mountain is thought to contain divine inspiration,
it is the focus of pilgrimages of superiority and mystic elevation.
When with snow it represents serenity and peace..
It symbolizes constancy, permanence, motionlessness, and its peak signifies the state of absolute consciousness .
There is something about mountains that is awe inspiring.
For me a constant urge to challenge the mountain to climb and or ski it.
In many ways it symbolises life, the imposing mountain and the peak are in sight at all times
but it has to be climbed one step at a time with persistence, tenacity and a never-say-die spirit.


City life

Little movie city steps
Love Barcelona
Warm Winter sun !

2020 is mine

I like the number
I like the new decade
I like the new planets colliding
I feel it
I love it
Already in it !

Let’s 2020!

LoveLolo XX

sabina tree 2020

Thinking of Australia.
I wish for rain.
We need to be aware of our planet, treasure it.
Respect what we have.
I love this tree, for me it stands for our beautiful nature and so planet.
We need our trees to give us oxygen and shade.
My heart goes out to all of you, friends and my family in Australia and pray that this will end soon.

LoveLolo XX

always trees

Blinded by the lights, trees are leading .
Endless woods!