This sea ..

Boat life

Fishermen the men with patience!


Love this city more and more

Beautiful !

more colors

How far can we bend in order to satisfy the unimportant ?
It needed more colours, not more bending .

120cmX120cm mixed materials no frame

She Floats

The color green affects us physically and mentally in several different ways.
Green is soothing, relaxing, and youthful.
Green is a color that helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness.
Green also brings with it a sense of hope,
health, adventure, and renewal, as well as self-control, compassion, and harmony

She looks at the green and floats towards the dive into the green waters.

I like her and I can’t stop looking at this painting , I wish this photo of this picture could do the same .

Reality ..



120cmX120cm mixed materials no frame , canvas.

What do we see,.?
are we two faced ?
amputated ..restricted ,
Can we free ourselves from the blurriness and see really clearly ?

What was on my mind ?

Whilst painting this there must have been a story playing in my head .
I won’t tell you what I see because I think that everyone sees what they want or desire to see ..

60cmX60cm on canvas mixed materials no frame

Intriguing ..

New pieces

Sometimes a painting keeps on changing!

120cmX120cm on canvas mixed materials no frame.

25 th of November

I am very honoured to expose my work at Piet jonker’s amazing place , thanks to Bas Jonker who made it possible.

Piet Jonker’s Architectural Antiques has a reputation going back decades as a supplier of an extensive range of high quality old building materials and antiques.

In love I am with the venue, the raw material, rough and tough, the natural colours style and vibe .

So the idea is to contrast with all of the above and put some flashy colours and shiny coating !

Invitations will arrive ..just save the date if you please

Piet Jonker Rijksstraatweg 23, 1396 JC Baambrugge, The Netherlands


14 th of November

Stichting Don is a Foundation which funds Diabetes ,on the 14th of November it is World Diabetes day ,

This day Stichting Don organises a ‘one day Gallery’ in Amsterdam in the Westergasfabriek an evening where people have the chance to buy photos from different Photographers, all the money goes to Stichting Don.

I like the concept so I donate this picture to the Stichting.

The man behind Stichting Don is Maarten de Gruyter out of his own experience he started this and made it super successful,
so much respect for him how he always finds the energy to encourage people, to see the positive side of life .

The meaning behind this photo fits perfectly for that evening ..

The mysterious essence of the Shadow has intrigued mankind since the earliest beginnings of time,
the dark is part of the eternal cycle of sun and shadow that embraces the earth continually .

On a deeper level we can see the shadow as our alter ego who follows us as a constant reminder of our personal evolution and a side where we question our beliefs.

We seem to drawn to the shadow side, the place where lessons are learned, maybe an emotion felt or feelings experienced.

The side which make us realise and appreciate how beautiful the light life is.
To know one you must experience the other.
The shades are almost always temporary they are there to give depth to our lives.
To teach us.
and make us live with compassion and passion.

See You there and then!