little Trip

Everywhere I go these days it is so beautiful nature is speaking very loud!

Some trips

I kept on travelling the last year for family, energy, work, inspiration and the feeling of freedom,
for the grudge I hold towards the C-Situation.

In my opinion we are approaching this from the opposite side and regret to see so much emphasis on short time solutions instead of longterm.

You can’t fix life with a simple injection or pill, it is a long time free of choice devotion towards your health and so your well being and at the same time I fully respect the exceptions and limitations .

A never ending discussion on what really is happening or why and where we are heading.
There are times I drown in thoughts of despair.
We are in Spain already one year with masks on everywhere, if I walk the streets it feels like zombi-land and can actually cry that we think this is intelligent.

Sometimes I take the advantage of this disadvantage and fly faster and higher. The reason why I am determined to do an exhibition in Switzerland, it is time to open the Art world again and not depend only on ‘online’.
Art is something you need to feel, you need to experience. Be in the same room as that artpiece.
I want to give the people that opportunity again and open my doors in Zurich.

The balance is the challenge I believe. Meanwhile I love to be in the middle, see people, be in different countries see how they handle individuality their protocols. Experience the easy travelling whilst mainstream says it is almost impossible, enjoying no delays and no rush and most importantly see how nature took full control of this situation it is insanely beautiful everywhere!

And of course this comes with the critics and opinions about my whereabouts, but love to see how that is also changing overtime and see how people more and more coming to my point of view of wanting to live freely again.

Some I lost over this theme, everyone has their right to approach this their way, nevertheless I had to come to the sad conclusion that it is when on this subject you are so far away from each others point of view, it is hard to find common ground again. Like two reversed magnets.

I do hope we will find that common ground and live in a safe world again, however you define safe world, also that is a free choice.


Some of which I take to Zurich

First week of June I will be in Zurich and I am super excited to expose again after these weird times of C.

It is a private exhibition with limited access but we have time and so I can give everyone the chance to come !

The paintings I bring are my new latest line colourful and figurative.
The photos I will bring will be Ibiza summer vibe orientated and so Ibiza meets Zurich!

Let me know if you want to be on this mails list !

Mail me on

Have a good day lots of Love Lolo

Exposition in Zurich

The first week of June I will have a private exposition in Zurich,
if you want to come or be notified please send me your email address to keep you updated on exact dates location and time!

Due to Cvid I will have limited access for the opening and for sure the possibility to come on appointment.

See you then and there ! ♡



Ready to expose !!

Scorpio rules

Why is scorpio considered the most powerful zodiac sign?

You do not realize what revenge is until you have seen a Scorpio take revenge on someone.
The person born of this star sign is going to stop at nothing when it comes to destroying someone who they think has wronged them.

Nobody knows how to love better than a Scorpio.
In fact, the Scorpio is the most sensual and the most passionate partner in bed.
With a Scorpio, you will be in a sexual paradise and you will hope that this heavenly journey never ends.

Scorpios deal in rebirth and renewal; constantly adapting because they must.
They are tremendously secretive, resourceful, passionate and intuitive people who happen to also be intense, manipulative at times, yet loyal.
They are the most sexually charged and forward sign of the zodiac, too. Scorpios are, in a word, crazy.

Scorpios have a reputation for frequently using more energy than is really needed to achieve a given end.

The Scorpio man among the other male horoscope signs is a master of sex.


For the Scorpio male sex is not just physical. Sex is not just two body parts getting together and operating in a certain way and reaching a certain point that produces a certain range of feelings. No.

If you think physical sex feels good, wait until you try deep emotional and mental sex. It will really blow your mind and knock your socks off. That’s the kind of sex Scorpio man brings to the table.

Sensual to a fault, the Scorpio man will have a sexy walk.
He likely won’t even be aware of it, as it isn’t a deliberate flirtatious device.
He just kind of flows when he walks. You’ll know it when you see it.

Scorpio is known for its ability to be a quietly fierce and formidable foe.
Famous for its resilience, loving a Scorpio is loving the paths that will bring you to the edge. And back.

Scorpio loves all the way through. Into the mystery and back again. Into the misery and back again.
Into the suffering of becoming and back again. With that kind of commitment, they will only be willing to work with you if you prove to them that you won’t abandon them. Why put in all that hard work if you aren’t worthy of receiving the fruits of their labour?
Wary of betrayal, Scorpio can take its time deciding whom is worthy of their secrets and their powers of regeneration.

To be loved by a Scorpio is to be transformed. To be loved by a Scorpio is to have the stealthiest army on your side.
To be loved by a Scorpio is to be in on the joke that life is just a dress rehearsal for death.

To be loved by a Scorpio is to be focused on. Held together through every falling apart. Relentlessly devoted to.

Scorpio individuals don’t like to quit, and their impassioned efforts are to die for.

From fights to money, from love to sex, to realness, to wisdom to loyalty ; scorpio rules

source :Quora

Painting.. no name

No name ..for now. When I give it name I trick you into a thinking process, where I like you to dive into it as how you see it without any distractions or prejudices from my part.

1mX1m price on request