Sweet Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona each time I find new little nice alleys and places to have breakfast .
Loved this new place Jaime Beriestain on Carrer de Pau Claris to have dinner or drinks .
Cool art on the wall, yes I am very tempted to speak to the owner next time I am there !

The more I am there the more it looks like a little village instead of this gigantic city as it is , the neighbour with his rabbit always in for a chat ( I think it is spanish he speaks ) The rabbit leaves enough hair if you stroke him to make birds nest for the rest of the season but it looks all very cute on the picture !

See you next time back to my loca Island .

Love L

Sunday lunch

Love this place , it was washed away by the latest storm but rebuild again !

No Gravity

In love with the underwater images it is like I am floating constantly !

Nice party

flash third eye .

Thank you, !

The Cross

The Cross.
I promised to never sell this painting.
The man facing the cross , to the east. Which can tell intellect and learning ,
above the swan overlooking the scene. Swan symbolises grace and beauty on many levels .
In roman mythology the Swan was sacred to Venus, the goddess of love.

The cross has his obvious associations, endings but also salvation ,
crosses can suggest transition ,
faith hope and life .

This painting is 2mX2m and currently hanging as a reminder of good memories in my Atelier.

Love L


love what is happening under the water


He Turned 60 today,

This picture is shared to say that there are still people who wants to be on the same picture with him.

Why must we as artists rebel before getting noticed ,

Why must there be suffering before we wake up?
Why does half of us have to go against the current to finally find the respect they deserved in the first place,
why do some of us have to be a rebellion to tell their story which they think is so important to tell.
Why is that necessary ?
Why can we not go smoothly spread the art and make everybody happy because they see something they like.

And obviously we need art to get the message across and art is a good medium to do so because there is still so much to change.

These are very simple questions, with very difficult answers, or not even to be answered to our satisfaction.

It confuses me .

When I read the very terrifying story of Fethietnabiha Zbidi, that Saudi Arabia beheaded her in public on the morning of 20 August esra al ghamgam, she was an activist and activist for women’s rights.

The absolute silence of the media, the international community, but also national, is deafening.


whilst she was beheaded in public.
Realising that Saudi Arabia is Chairman of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, is that not a global disgrace?

How does that work?

And yes I jump from Rob Scholte to Fethietnabiha Zbidi, knowing that there are hundreds of examples in between , all make an effort in their own way to get one little step further in the message they think is necessary to send into this world .

We are not there yet ..