The Tree

Trees have been held sacred in many cultures both ancient and modern . Many mythologies have stories of ‘their-special-tree’. Trees are the source of energy on many levels but first and foremost they provide oxygen and shade , they kindly catch the light for us…#returnthefavor #myspecialtree #beauty #photography #tree #nature #naturephotography #naturelove #green #love @_lolo_loren_

Red lipstick all in the paper

Little painting 20x30cm

Rihanna :
Red lipstick, all on the paper
Let me take a hit while you sit and rush
Go hate, talk shit, it’s all on the paper
Let me grab my * while you sit on top

Do you right here while the whole world’s watching
All up in my mental, gotta get up in my physical

Brilliant song.

Have a good weekend


I think I want it like this