Le Grand Bleu

I was always In love with the movie le Grand Bleu,
the deeper you go the more tempting it seems to stay.
The silence deep underwater was alluring ..
as a seductive lover pulling you deeper and deeper.
Humanity lost its navigation at the moment.

We lost the seductive lover who shows us the silence again.


I do not like the masks

I am an activist if it comes to the masks especially when it is obligatory for kids from 6 years old, just insane and unhealthy.
I am a rebel and want to show my face, be healthy without the mask, an immune system promoter.

I hope the only contagious thing is a smile in the future seems we all lost our navigation.

Hooray, we applauded for this standstill it will bring us all the benefits to the environment.
In awe we looked at the sky and saw stars or mountains far away never seen before.
Mesmerized by animals on places where we humans normally sit or walk, flowers blossoming, clean rivers, happy birds singing..
We were so happy, over the moon with our beautiful looking planet.
For an instant we believed.
And then we woke up to a new world, covered in plastic, we are covered in plastic, plexiglass is dividing us.
#stayawake #bepositive #letfearnotrule #investigate #live #love!

in your arms

There is always a lovestory somewhere !
mixed materials

work and work paint and paint
lockdown pleasures