yellow snake

little painting
very yellow mellow snake


all about Dragons
pencil drawing

Drawing women

Photographic Drawing .
60cmX60cm black frame
Nice Christmas present !


White Ibiza

Some snapshots for the photoshoot for White Ibiza
Story about the artist on the Island

Photos by Ana Lui


ArtBasel Reddot

Are you in Miami with Artbasel ?

Come and see me at Contemporary Art Projects USA
Booth 101. Reddot
For VIP Ticket Please email
or message me !


The Rock of Joy

In 2 weeks this photo will be included in the launch party of GUP Magazine.
During the launch party, the GUP New Dutch Photography Talent Award 2020 will be presented. This photo I call ‘The rock of joy’ in the north of Ibiza our favourite hangout for fun and some jumping! see you there! LoveLolo

Will I see you there ?

On Friday, 6 December, the launch party of the latest edition of GUP New (formerly known as New Dutch Photography Talent) takes place in a new location: the Machinegebouw, on the Westergas terrain in Amsterdam.

During this night, the book will be available for the first time, which presents 100 emerging photography talents to a national and international audience of photography fans and professionals. It is also the opening of the GUP New 2020 group exhibition, showing a photograph by each of the 100 talents.

During the launch party, for the very first time, the GUP New Dutch Photography Talent Award 2020 will be presented!

Don’t miss that great celebration of emerging Dutch photography!

Many thanks to Brinkhof for the great support, to the Westergas to host us and of course to GUP magazine.

Looking forward to meet you there.

GUP New team

Little painting

‘Dark bloom’
38cm X 52 cm

shotgun some rocking holes in the canvas