Found peace in all the hectics of the cities !
Thank you Sveva for your best paradise and love !


ice creams and pasta and feet in the sea in Paraggi

Meanwhile in the South

Happy House in the famous Sabina estate area.
Pink on the chimney blue on the wall!

Happy Client !

Sabina tree in Ibiza overlooking the St Miguel port .


This time we stayed in the more residential area which was a real discovery and met with the Venice I did not know that it existed! Away from the tourists people living their lives and doing their jobs. really grateful to see that side of Venice as well!

Pierluigi Restaurant

Weren’t we lucky sitting next to the iconic couple Anne Wintour and my favourite actor Bill Nighy the night they came out to show their love! Love this restaurant on the little square somewhere in Rome.

Summer in Zurich

July Zurich again . Love the swimming pool on the river
I will be back on the 30th of September !

The story

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