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Scientists Found That the Soul Doesn’t Die –
It Goes Back to the Universe !

God bless or God’s angels ..did they finally see the light ?

It turns out that the human brain could be similar to a “biological computer,” and that human consciousness may be like a program which is run by a quantum computer within the brain.

”Hameroff’s words suggest that human souls are much more than mere “interactions” of neurons in the brain.

In fact, this theory indicates that these “souls” could have existed since the very beginning of time itself.
They keep on circling ..
And with all of the recent discoveries pertaining to ‘dark’ energy and ‘dark’ matter,
substances which humans cannot see or interact with,
but substances which we know must exist,

nevertheless ….

this theory could end up explaining things that are even more mysterious and fascinating.

One of the reason why, when you meet someone and you feel like you seen him of her before, it feels all so familiar that it is almost creepy..,.

But somethings should stay unexplained in my opinion .


Left again -..

That side !

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Film world again

Everything comes and goes in waves .

Sometimes you have good reasons to stop chasing every breaking wave, it leaves too many traces of the fact that we are so damn helpless against the tide.

But then the tide turns and the waves starting to work in your advantage rather than against you.

Sometimes we must go against it to feel the opposite so clearly and loud. Like a refreshing cold shower after an extreme humid summer day.

Fases in life have their absolute benefit to whatever it is we need to accomplish or become.

To feel today the thrill of the camera men walking into my house woke me up and brought me back to happy times of filming.

Soon more ..


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The good life I suppose