Light again!

In times of dimness in a world which doesn’t feel the same at the moment,
where we are challenged to not move freely.
Where we are pushed in directions we never thought we would find ourselves in.
The unknown is alluring like a seductive master pulling you in and showing you there is always light somewhere!
I love how the light shines on the faces of the couple looking to the left..
the little one dancing in white.
Dance please, 2021 is around the corner



Kings & Queens
A powerful play ..


Love when people find different kind of the usual trend of photos that I have .
Good to put some energy in the ‘mysterious forgotten ‘

Thank you !

‘backstage’ blindfold project

What we see at the moment is discouragement,
division, injustice, corruption,
hatred and easy lashing out on others.
Close your eyes for a second,
think profoundly and then make your wish,

what do you wish for!?



Curiosity for the artist
photos need to be made ..