Nostradamus and Ibiza

There must be a few of you who are fearing the tension between the countries over the nuclear threats lately made, like me ,.even though these are the world most powerful leaders deciding our faith ( on this subject amongst others ) I am still amazed about the speech abilities of Mr Trump. Is this man really going to be one of the most important players in this extreme dangerous chess game. One move wrong and game is over, if you are a chess player you know that The game already indicates who the winner will be in one of the first moves.. so where are we now ?

And so if so ?,.what will happen to some of the countries or parts of the world involved or attacked.? What will actually happen?

According to Nostradamus, Ibiza Island will be the only place that’s supports human life after nuclear disaster; “Ibiza will be Earth’s final refuge after Armageddon”. He predicted that Ibiza’s peculiar prevailing wind patterns will ensure that it is be the only remaining life supporting environment left on Earth !,.interesting will this island take refugees, or do we get only the helikopter people ? The island once marked as a drugs and party island saves us all and finds finally the credit it deserves ?

The early Phoenicians believed that Ibiza Island was a magical place that had been blessed by the gods. The rich red soil is non volcanic. No animal, plant, reptile or insect capable of harming man can survive here. Nowadays, many of the locals still wear pendants containing the “sacred soil” in order to protect them from harm. Snakes did come in over the last couples of years and I am expecting cases of harm to humans soon due by these animals..

These days fishermen still avoid the area. A strong magnetic force is said to emanate from Es Vedra, resulting in gigantic circles of light emerging from the sea and various other unexplained phenomena…

One thing’s for the sure, Ibiza has a strange magnetism for attracting creative talent from all over the globe.Probably one of the reasons I am still here . It has an extremely high concentration of international talent for such a tiny island. People find inspiration and fulfilment from the “Ibicenco way of life” – a simple natural alternative to modern stressful living. Everything is “Tranquillo”. A word used to mean finding inner peace and harmony with nature and therefor yourself..

Hazy as it all sounds I am going to turn this into a business opportunity , I have 2 plots of amazing land on the shore side around the 150 hectares all together , if Nostradamus was only true to be on the ‘safe side’ and pointed his finger to ibiza it is a reason to at least let your thoughts go over it and give me a call if you want to visit these amazing plots along the seaside !

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A Very tall painting ..2 m up by 100 cm
Look long enough and you wil see what you need to see


The Eagle and the scorpio

I am a scorpio and therefor always interested in the why and how’s of life, we go deep and thorough. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is the only one that has seven symbols. I guess that explains why Scorpio is called the “sign of extremes” and why people born under the sign are all so different from one another. While the basic traits of a Scorpio always remain the same, most of them seem to evolve through the different symbols.
Scorpio is the toughest sign of the zodiac. Unlike the Mars-ruled Aries, who will confront someone and go toe-to-toe with him or her in order to settle a disagreement, Scorpios will wait (for years if need be) until their prey is in a vulnerable position and use the element of surprise when confronting the enemy. However, Scorpios are also loving, sensitive, patient, protective, and loyal toward their loved ones. Scorpios are great friends to have, for they are secretive and can keep secrets well; but never make enemies with one.
The eagle represents the more mature Scorpio. The eagle soars above all others, watching and learning. As an eagle, the Scorpio is becoming more of a spiritual being, trusting God to handle its affairs of revenge. Eagles are, of course, still quite protective of their young; this protectiveness is primarily felt when their children are young and lessens as they grow up. The eagle raises its young to be strong and self sufficient, once again trusting in God to lead the children down the right path of life. Often, Scorpio evolve into this symbol by mid life.


18 !

Proud I Am!

You were the one who made me a mother 18 years ago, that gift I can not describe how beautiful that is .

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The one I like (step 4 )

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optical illusions tricking our mind, you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you.
It is not your eyes . ..
An illusion is proof that you don’t always see what you think you do,
because of the way your brain
and your entire visual system perceive and interpret an image

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