Soho house Amsterdam

Thank you so much Jimmy for the amazing book !

Great Inspiration you are


save the date

Save the date ! 14th of November in the Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

World Diabetes day

Soon more information .


My weird man

Guarding my paintings,

He is there looking at me .


Yes it is already packed and wrapped coming to you !

Jimmy Nelson

Excited to go to Jimmy his new book launch !

A bit of Amsterdam and travelling

Adios little island have some touch down to do with the world again !


Happy moi

Want to jump into the picture !

Where there is much light , the shadow is deep.

The mysterious essence of the Shadow has intrigued mankind since the earliest beginnings of time, the dark is part of the eternal cycle of sun and shadow that embraces the earth continually .
The shadow is attached to all things, and all that is required to view the shadow is a little bit of light .

On a deeper level we can see the shadow as our alter ego who follows us as a constant reminder of our personal evolution and a side where we question our beliefs.
We seem to drawn to the shadow side, the place where lessons are learned, maybe an emotion felt or a feeling experienced.
The side which make us realise and appreciate how beautiful the light life is.
To know one you must experience the other.
The shades are almost always temporary they are there to give depth to our lives.
To teach us.
and make us live with compassion and passion.

The Tour the Eiffel as masculine as it, plays here with the sun and makes beautiful female black lace looking shapes..

Love LL

The world Artists

For those who follow me on Instagram via Lolo_ Loren I have a new account for my new concept.

The_ World _Artists

Very and very slowly I am building my content of World Artists.

At the moment I am super busy with my Lolo Loren account to keep it very active,
( uhh yes apart from the last 5 days I couldn’t find myself to post ,like or follow, sometimes life takes you outside and you forget about the ‘Insta life ‘)

Please follow me on the other account as well, as I need as much advice and opinion about my choice of Artists.

I can not tell you more on this blog about the new concept but if you are interested and want to read the pitch/ lean plan
please do contact me .

For those who received my lean plan already you will soon receive my proper Business plan .

As an artist it was an perfect pain in the b*** to make this, but almost there, Thank you Toptask !

Bless September you feel already much easier

Love L

Ps .If you have someone who you think who fits the above collage please do send the details.