Will I see you there ?

On Friday, 6 December, the launch party of the latest edition of GUP New (formerly known as New Dutch Photography Talent) takes place in a new location: the Machinegebouw, on the Westergas terrain in Amsterdam.

During this night, the book will be available for the first time, which presents 100 emerging photography talents to a national and international audience of photography fans and professionals. It is also the opening of the GUP New 2020 group exhibition, showing a photograph by each of the 100 talents.

During the launch party, for the very first time, the GUP New Dutch Photography Talent Award 2020 will be presented!

Don’t miss that great celebration of emerging Dutch photography!

Many thanks to Brinkhof for the great support, to the Westergas to host us and of course to GUP magazine.

Looking forward to meet you there.

GUP New team

Little painting

‘Dark bloom’
38cm X 52 cm

shotgun some rocking holes in the canvas


II lost track,
numbers don’t count anymore I guess .
Feel good, do good..
Love more,. less disruptions .
Choose right without forgetting to live, to feel.
There is only one you, so be that person.
Be honest and trustful, you will receive the same.
Make a promise and keep it.
Dare to hurt without the fear to loose.
Follow your path but do look back once in a while.
See, learn, merge, indulge, get hurt, heal and do it all again.
Life is one mesmerizing rollercoastor better make it a great ride.

Lets celebrate


The story ..or not .

Each time I run into the same story, ‘you don’t have a story’ .
If you ask me why am I an artist or you ask me if I choose to be one I can only reply the obvious.
What you do in life chooses you. You can choose not to, and choose to do something safer,
But I believe your vocation chooses you, a strong feeling, a mission you can’t ignore to pursuit.
Being an artist you give always your inner self away sometimes visible sometimes less for people to see.

For example when you paint you need colours in order to express you mood, sometimes you need to just grab what you want to grab because the moment takes you where it needs to take you.
You can tell by the color what I love and which mood I am in.
You can tell my inner life by the darkness in some of them and the figures which appear.
You can tell what I want in the brightness in some of them .
You can tell by the feeling it gives you, it meant something to me .

Maybe I do have a story but I don’t want to share it with the rest of the world in order to fit your box of artist with a story. I believe and regret half of the stories are just made for publicity to satisfy the client and don’t relate to the artist or artwork at all.

I am here to make art you like, love, to make you feel, challenge you, I like that you like to look at it and feel something special, hang it proudly in your room, my story is subordinate to your opinion if you find it beautiful or not. Why does the so called critical art scene is so keen on the story behind it?

What if the artist doesn’t want to tell it, but to the buyer? To keep it even more private or simply the reason or story why the artist made this is not that interesting nevertheless than that there was passion when making it .
Did you ever asked yourself and I am asking the critics if the story behind the artwork makes the actual appearance any different, tell me honestly?
I believe in that when you see an art piece, you are drawn to it because you, yourself see something in it what appeals to you, not 10.000 others with you.

Artists can get big because of one gatekeeper of the art world saying the artist is amazing. That takes only seconds and the road is already different.
But either there is a gatekeeper or not it does not change the actual piece of art, it doesn’t get any brighter or darker or more beautiful or tempting, it stays the same only it has a sticker of approvement in the right direction of a higher value.
Somewhere very frustrating to be an artist, and yes how many times I have heard people suggest to me to take a profession much safer.

I wish I was that strong!

My vocation pulls me, I feel the need to make this world beautiful with the art I make and let it simply be the reason that it is beautiful, no story to it, only the message to love it.

Why not simplify the world around us a bit, in the midst of 20 different whats app groups whether who is going to do the school run or who will be the next football lemonade mother or hockey coach, if you have to be involved in this new art group going Paris Photo, why not take a breath look at a painting or photo, suck everything in you feel and actually feel what you feel inside.

What happens then, will you let yourself be distracted by the bleep of your next marathon New York group with some nonsense about which socks to wear. Or do you let yourself to feel the pain of cold case love once experienced by staring at this artwork, can you open yourself to feel the excitement in your body of wanting to have instant sex here and now whilst looking at that photo. Are you able to freeze yourself in the moment to just focus on this art piece which throws you from one emotion to the other. Left to right and back.
You have the option to reply and say I have perfect socks and get sucked in the next 30 replies to follow..

Where did we loose the ability to show passion which lives within us, take again the example of a lost love, when you are in love you float weightless but once you loose it you feel the pain, it feels like you have to re-enter the atmosphere you have to go through it, you find yourself in pieces and rough times follows, it hurts your stomach. You let time fly and then you find another heart who went through the same and you can float again.

Life is no other than positive and negative one does not go without the other .

So going back to the start, when people, friends family or art critics, ask for my story I will tell you how I got to make my painting, but honestly I love when you first fall in love with it, then I will tell my story and we can share our feelings and compare, only then the making of the piece is accomplished.

Art should be something you fall in love with, buy because you like it and ofcourse I understand that you want to buy out of an investment but I truly think if you are so clever you will manifest the piece you bought, even if this was from the artist sitting in the pub next to you, too many brilliant examples to mention. Debbie Harry was the first person ever to pay for a Basquiat piece. You can actually make an artist so buy what you love no story to it .

The brilliant thing is that there are times that you don’t even know what a painting means, you think you do, and then a year later you see what you needed to know about yourself a year before.

Love Lolo

See You at ArtBasel Miami

You can see my work on Reddot Miami 2019

Opening Night Party
Wednesday, December 4, 2019|4p.m. – 9p.m.

You can see my work on Reddot Miami 2019

Opening Night Party
Wednesday, December 4, 2019|4p.m. – 9p.m.

Public Show Hours
Thursday, December 5 ,|12p.m. – 8p.m. Friday, December 6 |12p.m. – 8p.m.
Saturday, December 7 | 12p.m. – 8p.m. Sunday, December 8 | 12p.m. – 5:00p.m.

Contact me if you want tickets !!

See you there !


Dia de Los muertos

LaGranja last party of the season, nothing beats this amazing venue, and all what you created for this party
Thank you so much !

‘the Forgotten art’

Art as Investment

Now that the Chinese have discovered the art market has a way to invest their money, the global art business has grown exponentially, reaching estimated sales of €43 billion in 2012. “In the top price segment, art functions as an investment. The rich want to protect their assets,” American collector and author Ethan Wagner (“Collecting Art for Love, Money and More”) said in an interview.
There is no better place to do this than in Switzerland, where, unlike in Germany, exported art is exempt from value-add tax. This is one of the reasons Art Basel has become a global hub for art and home to its most important fair. Sam Keller, director of Fondation Beyeler, a Basel museum, is also stunned by the development. “Artists now attract the same attention as rock stars used to get,” says Keller, who headed Art Basel for a long time. But he also sees nothing wrong with the global elite’s choosing to spend their money on art. Albeit it is widely acknowledged that many of these artworks promptly disappear into art warehouses. One of the world’s most valuable art treasures is being stored in an extremely ugly place, a six-story concrete building known as the Geneva free port. Instead of windows, much of the façade of this giant safe for the world’s wealthy is covered with gray panels. A movement what is fairly new and should be questioned if the Artist is happy with his artwork which houses now in a place like described, basically not to be seen miserable in a grey not sexy place, to be forgotten?,..Gives me time to dream away and invent a safe warehouse more like a get together for art collectors and people to show off their latest buys while having a drink in a nicely designed super safe house! A place safe to show your treasures as jewellery, photos, paintings and anything else which is from value enough to be stored in a safe house. Why not enjoy our so well collected treasures instead of hiding it ? Maybe the ¨safe house¨- cq warehouse- will be the newest stock market, we go back to the floor, see, talk, buy, and leave it there to be sold to the next for a higher bid. From private clubs to private stock markets.

Love Lolo

Paris Photo

November is coming up and that is always the month of Paris Photo.
With the reminder of the terrible attacks in the back of our minds Paris Photo will proudly open its doors again.
Whilst The Eiffel tower due to the attacks was shut down in 2015 and after that under construction, I was still able to make pictures showing a ‘perfect’ life.
People walking, talking, kids playing, birds picking little leftovers.
Love to see how the sun plays with the structure of this iconic building and makes beautiful female looking shades.
With deep respect for the people who lost their loved ones, I will not close my eyes for this barbarian attack but would love to open our eyes to the beauty of things which are here.
See you at Paris Photo XXLolo Loren