Zan Interiors

Thursday from 16-19 hrs Zan Interiors will open their doors in Village Santa Gertrudis the heart of Ibiza.

Love how my paintings perfectly blend in.

Hope to see you there !



lets see if it is ready or not !


As we say in Ibiza ‘campogirl’ .
My hashtag #artistlife is precisely this.
I like to show my face sometimes, the one behind the art, you seem to like 😉
#campogirl #artist #facetoart #thanksforsupport #ibizalife #paintings #photos.


Happy Client

‘Sabina tree’ just in, still on the floor .
A happy client is a happy artist !

Happy Birthday chica !


1meter X1 meter naive in Zaninteriors

soon more !


1 meter by 1 meter
Mixed materials

I like when people come in my atelier and pick something immediately from the table where I create,

He called it naive in a positive way, this will be the name for this painting
Thank you !


01/2020 -in you-

70 cm x120 cm

So many ways how can see this and don’t want to spoil your imagination so go on make your story !