Expo Amsterdam

This painting, little as well, I will take ,. 65x55cm with frame and Epoxy

Expo Amsterdam

this one I will take my little 70cmx70cm painting

in Epoxy

Goodnight ..

Beautiful old deserted place impossible to rebuild

Dreams ..

Cleaning up..

This coming Tuesday I will be cleaning up one of the beaches of Ibiza arranged by Kajak Ibiza . In and around the sea we will clean this part ( es Figural ) as good as we can.

Whilst I am on my path of a little bit more awareness of the environment I will post the full story later what drives me and how I got here .

How I simply can not deny it any longer that we are , and me too, polluting this amazing beautiful earth so I want to contribute something even if this looks small to the world, I hope it will help my little island..


Sunday paint day ..

And then you have the famous painters block!

Sit and just do nothing wait till it comes again.!

The ego or the soul ..

What is precisely the reason to post a picture of your self on social media ,
I need social media to get where I want to be but on the same time I don’t like what is becoming .
It has become so much about ourselves .
The ego.
And I don’t know what posting this picture of me right now is doing .
And why are we doing it ?
What is the impact of it ?
It feels like a big illusion .
Our entire generation is busy to matter online when in reality our power is within.

There is one thing social media can really do it’s bridges , this bridge with you all for example.
And through that I do want to use this opportunity to ask for attention and use the bridge of social media to come to see my art, the thing I love, the one I feed my ego with, and the one where I earn my money with.

I hope if we use social media for the good, it does not feed the ego it hopefully feeds the soul.

Through art in this case ..