Thoughts for the painting

At work ..

Undefined thoughts defines my work..
Sometimes years later I can truly understand what I was thinking when I made it.
We have so many thoughts during a day conscious and subconscious and the space in between we have no idea where our ego takes us or our ‘real’ thoughts..

Here I am at work thinking painting without having a clue what I am making!
( sssst..dont tell the art critics there should be always a story.. yeah well deep in me there is and that is for them to find out! )

Have a good day and I hope this Virus will release us all from all the restrictions we feel.

We will learn and proceed differently I hope .



I try to run every other day, min 3 km just for the sake of the routine,. max 7 km when I feel the power, longer is not my thing ..
I get bored easily 😉
It is just the amount of a proper mediation. Get into a state of hypnoses so to say.
It keeps me fit !

Stay safe with this virus !



The field in front of my house is filled with daisies.
Never really dived into the meaning of their existence.
As time is on my hands now I investigate.
The reason why people used flower symbolism is because of the rich history behind flowers and certain flower families.

In times when people respected nature more and gave it much more attention than we do today, flowers carried an important symbolical meaning in almost all parts of the world.

As I strongly believe this is a time for introspection more than ever maybe we can learn something of the daisy..
In addition this flower stands for persistence, perseverance and unobtrusive power.
Daisy’s are composite flowers, meaning that they actually consist of two flowers combined into one.
Because daisies are composed of two flowers that blend together so well, they also symbolize true love.
It refers to new beginnings and transformation in this time where we are at this moment it should give hope.

Last but not least, you probably did not know that daisies can be eaten and are even medicinal.
Daisy leaves are a common addition to salads.
Wild daisy tea is used to treat coughs, bronchitis, inflammation, and more.

Be safe, stay home for now. This will pass.


on fire

Sometimes it is not finished and I can not stop adding things !


New work

2 meter by 1 meter I have no idea of the name yet ..

it is different I like it !

After the corona virus, utopia looms ..

As I called it before the ‘Fear virus’ this time I would like to give hope and some positivity to this ‘serious problem’ we are living in now.
Obviously, the law of energy only works as when there is negativity there must be positivity as well.
I am going to quote here and there the things I have read, the things which made me smile this morning and put my new confirmed thinking on this matter in a beautiful perspective.

“I think we should be very grateful for the virus because it might be the reason we survive as a species.”
This Corona virus can be seen as a sobering force that will temper our consumerist appetites and jet-setting habits.
We can emerge from the health crisis as more conscientious humans.

“We need to find new values, values of simple experience, of friendship and love,”
It might just turn the world around for the better.
The compassion towards each other will resonate into something much bigger which will effectively hits the environment,
the industries of all sorts, the general thinking process.

And whilst in this I hope we can withdraw from the ranking system which makes me very nervous and kills the spirit of our personal traits! 
We need to examine our greed, the need to have, to own and to obtain or purchase things we do not even need.

“We will see an arrest in the making of consumer goods”.
That is terrible and wonderful because we need to stop producing at such a pace.
We have to change our behavior to save the environment. “It’s almost as if the virus is an amazing grace for the planet.”

And then you will see after the coronavirus, utopia looms…

Indeed, Covid-19, the ‘Fear virus’ will turn into the ‘new Inventive virus’ and could open new avenues for innovation.
Being confined to our own towns or cities could foster a revival of cottage industries and an appreciation for locally made goods. 
There are so many possibilities…

“I’m strangely looking forward to it.”


Thank you Lidewij Edelkoort for your insight .