Look up Sabina tree

Look up Sabina tree

Huge cliffs have very often amazing trees who challenge the hill !

Sabina tree: A noble tree for noble people

There was a time when the Sabina tree grew as thickly in the forests of Ibiza as the pine.
Back then they could reach ten metres in height with a trunk radius of one metre wide.

Their rough bark withstands the moods of the weather, the saltiness of the air and any onslaught that comes their way.
Strip them down to their muscular and sinuous innards and you find a core as strong as any metal.

It could be said that trees hold the history of a land and its people within their trunks.

The Sabina’s outward appearance and inner strength is something of a metaphor for the people of Ibiza.
The Sabina is a strong and noble tree.


Beach time !

Beach time !

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When I was young I passed these trees a million times ..did not notice their beauty. ..in the dark I used them as my ‘compass’ by looking up and find my way by walking the straight line like there was an end to the tunnel to get home. It gave me the creeps of thinking there would be animals watching me in the pitch dark hiding in the trees. Wishing I would live in a city , years later.. I moved to Paris .. now I make pictures of the trees.