Summer ends…

Summer ends…

A perfect warm hot strange weird exciting loving long summer !

Time for all of you, all of us, to go your/our own ways…


Lolo Loren Biography by Cila Warncke

Lolo Loren Biography by Cila Warncke

Thank you Cila Warncke

Lolo Loren Biography

Ibiza-based, Rotterdam-born artist Lolo Loren lives between worlds. She studied economics. Worked in fashion and interior design in Paris and Amsterdam. She married, took her husband’s name, became a mother, moved to Ibiza, divorced, raised her children. Painting was a wedge to drive between the bricks of convention that threatened to surround her. Her art arises from a fearless impulse to explore outside the barriers. Instead of seeking refuge in definitions like “woman”/”mother”/”Dutch”/”expat”/” Lolo confronts the contradictions, demands and expectations of her different roles through artwork that is always larger than life.

From her early days experimenting with paint and canvas in an Amsterdam squat (“you can’t paint the way I do in your living room” she notes) Lolo has erred on the side of bold. Many of her grand-scale paintings include a mix of materials like cement, clay, sand, raw pigments, extra pieces of canvas, Arabic gum and even the occasional dessicated hedgehog. The mixed media canvases are painted with layers of clear gloss to bond the contrasting elements. This pragmatic technique emerges as a poignant metaphor for the ceaseless struggle to integrate life’s disparate elements.

Intuition and emotion fuel Lolo’s work and she invites her audience to participate in the creative process. Rather than impose narratives or explanations she invites people to immerse themselves in her paintings and photographs and discover their own stories. “Everyone has a different experience,” she says. “When you look long enough you will discover hidden faces or items or things not seen, or seen differently, by others.”

Photography is a medium Lolo uses to further explore ways of seeing. Initially, she was her main subject, posing playfully, unselfconsciously, spontaneously as a challenge to the sterile perfection of mainstream fashion photography. When the selfie exploded into a global cultural phenomenon she turned her lens to nature, exploring the intricacies of the trees, fields, and flowers that surround her bohemian home on the north of Ibiza.

Regardless of medium or subject, Lolo’s artwork is a celebration of complex, multi-faceted life and a prism through which viewers can explore their own memories, thoughts and desires.