I just want to see you shine!

I just want to see you shine!

Another love story ..

I had a vision
A vision of my nails in the kitchen
Scratching counter tops, I was screaming
My back arched like a cat
My position couldn’t stop you were hitting it
And I shouldn’t cry, but I love it, starboy

I just want to see you shine ’cause I know you are a stargirl

“Stargirl Interlude” is the eighth track from The Weeknd’s third studio album Starboy. The interlude features previous collaborator Lana Del Rey who co-wrote the song.

The title of the track is a reference to the success of Abel as a “Starboy,” who happens to need a superwoman to complete him.

During an interview on Beats 1 Radio, The Weeknd talked about his relationship with Lana and the songs they have written together:

I was making my music and it felt like Lana Del Rey’s lyrics and my lyrics were talking to each other sometimes. She’s one of my closest friends in the industry.

What have the artists said about the song?

It feels seamless, it feels right. You know? And it proved the point that we do sound really good with each other.


and this one ,.The one with the Bird ..Hawk

and this one ,.The one with the Bird ..Hawk

Once someone said :

“Hunting hawks did not belong in cages, no matter how much a man coveted their grace, no matter how golden the bars. They were far more beautiful soaring free.

Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world
So if this shows up in your life use this to focus on what is important
Take the lead on wherever you want to go
Use the Power to see have a clear vision on which result you expect

Hawk spirit animals belong to the realm of bird medicine.
It carries the symbolism that comes with the ability to fly and reach the skies.

From far high up you see more clearly !Lets take a peek , fly with me ,.

Lets Fly !


Nice houses in Ibiza!

Nice houses in Ibiza!

I love it when you come for a cool pop up with cakes and coffee and see your art shine

But I love it even more to meet new interesting people , connect and make plans..

Hansine,. I love your brand super happy with my new dresses ,

Let’s pop up more !

Hansine is somewhat of a fashion icon in and around the Geneva area, she has been the host of the popular WRS radio show the Style File for the last 16 years.

So, she knows a thing or two about fashion and has cultivated her own signature style.
Largely due to her multicultural background and upbringing.
Born and raised by her very stylish Greek grandmother and mother before settling down in the UK.
She is half Danish, part Greek and part English with a dash Irish thrown in for good measure.

A good mix of everything ,Ibiza Geneva meets up ..Soon more !

Thank you so much!