Sacred heart

Sacred heart

It is June and the month of June is dedicated to the sacred heart.

You can find the ‘sacred heart’ on lots of places, some find it in Montmartre.
For me, one of the great tragedies of modern life is that one can visit a cathedral and not be moved.
We visit these grand places of worship while on the tourist trail, marvel at the architecture, admire the artworks, shuffle round the various altars and look at the pretty flickering candles before exiting via the gift shop, almost annoyed by the people standing in front of the entrance taking hundreds of photos even though that is forbidden.

I am trying to go back hundreds of years ago when people came here to pray and meditatie, to ask for love and happiness for health and wealth, not to put another tick to their to do list or make marvellous family photos to post.

When I enter the Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre, it is different, I am moved.

Moved to worship.
From the moment you enter the church through the big, creaky door only one sight catches your eye.

There he stands, arms stretched wide, towering above the altar in mosaic form.
His eyes pierce you.

You can’t avoid him.
His face is visible from almost every corner of the church, filling this ‘holy’ space.

Then he is there. making the cross from head to heart (chest) shoulder to shoulder , the world changed from then.

Sacra-Coeur means ‘sacred heart’. full of mercy and compassion. Full of love and pain.

‘Here is the heart that so loved man and is so little loved’

The Sacre Coeur was formally dedicated in 1919 after World War 1 when its national symbolism had shifted.
It was then in 1919 that Benito Mussolini became prominent founding his Fascia Di Combattimento, he initiated in 1935 a large business complex The Palazzo della Civitta planned for the 1942 World Exhibition.
Unfortunately due to cancellation (in june!) of the exhibition to being empty and abandoned it finally found its purpose, housing the Brand Fendi and will have the ground floor hosts expositions with an Italian heart .
Why I am so on the numbers and the buildings is the meaning of the number 1919 resonates with creativity ( my birthday number lucky me) but also patience and faithfulness,

it takes such patience that not all the desires of your heart will manifest in your life when you want,

Jesus was an example, but also both buildings being build and finished.

My plan inspired on The Palazzo will be treated with patience.




Dress by Hansine pop up at Galerie Elephante 26 th of June at 5pm !!

Like this new painting, whatever side up !

Much better

Much better

a world without …


good and bad.

Let’s ..

Behind me

Behind me

As it is a very difficult thing to explain the actual physical existence of being and the existence in frequences such as Einstein was referring to centuries ago without me sounding to hazy .
I have to explain where art is coming from where it is created for me, once a man told me ‘when copying stops art begins’.
That means it must be made in a kind of state of subconsciousness to not be affected by outside influences to have the slightest indication which refers to copying.

You can call it inspired by whats happening in this world, other people call it copying, a difference between a negative and supportive or positive approach.
Sometimes when you drive your car, you start with thoughts , they linger on, till a point where you look out of the window and think , oh wow I am already here.
That is the state what I call subconscious .
My moment of painting is the moment when you drive your car and realise you are already further than you thought.

I paint between consciousness and subconsciousness. There is a small line between the two , I am there.

This painting clearly shows the thin line between subconscious and conscious or better said life as we call reality and the life we can not actually see but what we are able to feel.

Almost Angelic, the thin line between the past, the presence where the person is standing in the middle of the painting , in the midst of life,
looking to the right at the future ,
which is fairly white and a clear path to be given purpose to.

The person on the left indicating the past as a vague image and a story lived, slowly fading away.

The tones of green on the person in the presence, the one in the middle, and randomly on the right side of the painting, (clearly not in the past on the left side of the painting) relates to balance and harmony.

From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart, such as life is.

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth.

Look to the future that is where you go.