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Dreamy dream

Dreamy dream

When awakened from a dream-filled sleep, we can sometimes need a bit of time to adjust and acclimatize to our surroundings. It doesn’t usually take long for us to return to reality, even if a dream continues to play itself out momentarily in our heads. We can either be grateful for the return to reality or disappointed by it. Whatever it is that’s bringing you back to Earth with a gentle bump, it was for clarity to come as a result.

But sometimes you switch from your dreamy state into reality and back in the dream dreamed, it just keeps happening and the result of clarity stays out , clear picture flashes pop up in your brain, how can dreams feel so real.

So I ask and search for the answer and it always seems to come to the same outcome.

Scorpio the sign of death, rebirth, ruled by pluto , the god of the underworld, we are called the shaman of the Zodiac…’A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing’….pfff

I am a scorpio , I love the sign it is the strongest of them all, if that is always a benefit I doubt it.

I will not bore you with our other perfect skills there is no need , if you know a scorpio you know enough .

One of our main missions is to guide others into the hidden secrets of their psyche and the deep compulsions of the natural world. Our sign symbolizes the eagle that flies between heaven and earth in a struggle between spiritual opposites. Like the ‘levitating’ between 2 pillars , the constantly repeating 1’s in my life, being a scorpio can be tiring !
Dreaming therefor must be explained because everything apparently is a sign, a lesson or a warning subconsciously already predicted.

Apparently we are the sign which can change very easy, hop from dream to reality and back, we transform to gain a better outcome if stagnated, stagnation and patience are the worst enemies of the scorpio. Frustration is the answer. Change is inevitable .

So we bring other people face to face with their darkest fears in order to transform them and heal them, it scares people and we are not sorry it is the shaman within us,..

Listen to your dreams and stay as long as you like in the space between heaven and earth!


dreamy, yes!


The weekend

The weekend

Starboy ft. Daft Punk ..the after run ,.campo beat the best, on repeat please !