The unknown..

The unknown..

We often imagine a journey as being an undertaking that starts at one point and ends at another. Indeed many think of life along the same lines a determined start an undertemined end .
As I have journey along my life’s path I have come to realise it is not a thin line but a rather broad highway that we walk.
There is room to swerve along moving from side to side snaking our way through, all the while moving forward no matter how gradually.
When we give ourselves over to destiny, when we listen to our inner voice or follow our gut instinct , we tend to move through life with fewer curves and swerves; we cover less distance and have fewer bumps in our path.

I find it is when we become bloody minded and choose to run up against the proverbial wall that we do most damage and spend unnecessary energy on our pathway .

I have also embraced the realisation that life is not a straight line but circular with many circles that over lay each other , over the past time I have started to recognise when a circle is closing , be it a relationship, a lesson one must learn or a chapter of one’s life.

The joy comes in knowing you ‘re starting a new circle not knowing how long or how impactful it will be .

The true adventure of life is the unknown


Thank you for your insight

You must call me crazy

You must call me crazy

I always look up , day and night .

In the night to search shooting stars, I am a true believer and think that they wish well.
They are special and bring excitement.

During the day for weird clouds ..

You must think she has time to look up, I am always busy , she must be bored , I am always working ..

I am too..just making time for weird things. It inspires me so I call that working.
The clouds they inspire me,
and look what I found a cloud look a like with my dragon painting.

you don’t have to recognise it , I do ..
it tells me something .

Told you, you must think I am crazy..

Have a good weekend Happy Easter


Easy Bubblegum ?

Easy Bubblegum ?

Whilst executing my likes on Instagram I came to this remarkable ‘fact’ so to say.

Artist Michael Moebius posting his work with the bubblegum faces.
Michael is a contemporary German painter known for his illustrative portraits of celebrities blowing up a pieces of bubblegum.

In his works, iconic figures such as Audrey Hepburn, The Beatles, Queen Elizabeth II, and Marilyn Monroe, are given fresh life through the artist’s simple addition of a coloured bubble.

Not to sure if Audrey would have liked her perfect face covered with pink bubblegum and so travelling the world, maybe Marilyn would have liked it.

But that is not what surprised me ,the fact that as a pretty well known artist you come with an amount of likes of 85 ,..
When I scrawl a little bit more down and I come to the page of Fetching Tigers, -Annechien Schilling- I adore her ,love her work she is the Queen of edits .
A very humble young girl who has 900.000 + followers ( ok one benefit she is in the age of followers and likes but apart from that she is just very cool and deserves millions of likes )
She as creative as she is ( probably not ever heard of Moebius ) puts a bubblegum on her cute face posts it and what do we see 20.266 likes !!!

So what is the message ?

Maybe it is just a fact, a remarkable one..