The most important thing is that I paint on intuition.Which means I go to my atelier put on the music to be able to get to a certain frequency and then I just start painting. Not always I make things to my satisfaction but mostly they have a message or a purpose so I give them the time to grow on me. I try to find an explanation for what I painted.
I investigate on what I see and realise most of the times it is a mirror on the experiences in my life !

The person I painted was in the beginning just a sweet human being man or female which leans to the left with one more visible foot or shoe than the other (right) side.

If you come to the fact that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa.
You see here that the right side of the brain is darker , filled up with paint , the left foot is filled up with paint. So we can suggest that the feminine side is very represented here.
The left side of the body represents the feminine principle in both men and women. It indicates the ability to ask for help, to receive, or to surrender; to nourish and care for others; to be tender and caring; to be creative and artistic; to listen to and trust our own wisdom.

The left foot represents allowing, receiving, feeling, it is the feminine energy representitive, the right foot, giving, action based and logical side, the masculine side. The feet as a whole represent a few different elements of life, they take us to where wo must go, they allow us to stand firm, and obviously they are the very foundation that carries us through everything.

I have a feeling that this person is leaning to femininity, is humble and giving you the reassurance of to have faith in life and love. I like that message we must communicate that more often –

Love L L