As long as you smile

As long as you smile

Yes I complained about 2018, what was that !?
I have been smacked down to the ground a few times,

Like a little bird who hits the just cleaned glass door,

confused she ruffled her feathers and flew on .

You can feel sorry for yourself to a point.
There is a time to get angry and get it over with.
Don’t carry baggage with you.
Where you want to take it anyway? doesn’t take you anywhere.
Get angry, even when everyone tells you to behave,
why ?
Don’t put life into a box, it is the approach what is so important, do you see the beauty of it, or do you just exist?

Be careful you just exist,

that is dangerous.

See the small things in life which makes you happy, those are the moments which puts an instant smile on your face.

Go for life, go for it, while you are there.

Be alive and fly as the little bird ten times against a window and feel it,
get cross,
look life square in the face,
look at it and say yes ,
it does hurt.

But don’t just exist,
So lets move on to 2019 with a beautiful smile !
Happy Christmas to you,

thank you for following me,

2019 will be shocking good!


The world has had no idea where Lu Guang is.

The world has had no idea where Lu Guang is.

A set of pictures of how human behaviour causes and has caused pollution.
This is not life, but bare survival under horrendous conditions, a total dead end perspective of life.
Is this what awaits us all, if we go on developing, polluting and . . reproducing?

For five weeks, the world has had no idea where Lu Guang is.

Lu Guang is an internationally acclaimed photographer from China. Now, the award-winning photographer is at the center of his own stark story. He was taken away by state security agents three weeks ago for unknown reasons.

He is a well-known and widely awarded documentary photographer in his country, and he would soon win a slew of international awards, including some of the world’s most prestigious.

According to local sources, the security services detained Lu Guang, along with his local host, on or about Nov. 3.
He was supposed to travel a day or two later to Sichuan Province, where he regularly does charity work.

He never made it.

The photos he makes are probably the answer to his disappearances and maybe hopefully one day will also give the answer to that !

The story and the photos make me sad and very helpless indeed it seems it has a hopeless feeling of a dead end. His photography “is a small voice” that can help change the world. We hope that he will soon be returned to us, safely.


I will always love you

I will always love you

Do you know these Post it super sticky yellow notes? Whilst reading this story you have to visualise these ones for me please .
So through life we learn they say, also through life we loose.
We loose pieces of ourselves , the purity of the ego in all its positive form. The self consciousness. Our good faith .
Our endless trust in life. The passionate pull to divinity .Reality is what we learn or how we tend to call it .
We loose everyday a little bit of all the above by encounters with others , by experiences with people who have opinions, or situations we find ourselves in.
Especially your most dearest or closest are the ones who think that a post it sticker or two won’t harm to stick on you.
And oh those things go unnoticed but they stick.
You are this, you are that, you should better wear this, say that differently do that the other way, must have heard a thing or 2 ..
So we subconsciously adjust, in denial we rather stay and avoid confrontations because that is the hardest part of our lessons in life to confront without getting hurt or hurting someone else so we rather avoid.
The fear of hurting or getting hurt is a strong negative adviser.
Knowing that avoiding comes with a sticker too, the one you stick to your self, we stick stickers to ourselves all the time.
The advise to yourself should be ‘I am enough’. Stop sticking, you are enough.
Along the road we have more stickers which sticks, bad encounters, family issues, old romances, lies, defeat but also make-believe or idealisme.
All get a sticker!
Imagine that you were born ‘stickerless’ looking al pure and perfect and then you look yourself in the mirror around that midlife time and you can’t see your self through all that yellow sticky stickiness.
You are one big yellow post it paper.
Then the other part, the second part as you can call it, of your life you are starting to pull of those stickers to see the real you again, the one you like and love, the one who you were supposed to be.
The other day I was at a charity event and this woman came up to me, surely she meant well but the stickers still sticking,
she said Oh Lolo I always love talking to you face to face but as soon as other people join you are so different, and then a few seconds later she continued her plead; look at you ‘the sex is dripping of your body’ my husband sees that but me too.
Jeez yes well that put you back to be fully covered in sticky yellow.
Later that night lying in bed and going through the evening I ask myself ,what if?,, what if I would have said such a thing, probably I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night ( sticker )
I would feel guilty of doing so ( sticker ) , so I do not say those kind of things.
I am flattered in a strange way, ( a good sticker ?)
So what is the answer to all of this,
We all have two lives, the seconds starts when we realise we only have one ..
That sticky yellow thing is a burden we need to release ourselves from;
….be unstickable ?
‘Wash yourself better’.. don’t let it stick,..meditate, jump , fly , close your ears !
Try to release yourself the same day of the sticker you got…?
The thought ‘I will not let this in’ works very good to start with ..
But the most important thing is to stay true to the real you,
don’t listen to maldicenza,
or supposedly well meant opinions..
Don’t let that in
You are enough .
Post it ..