Most often when I wake up it feels like I am stepping out of one world into the other .
That sounds rather normal than crazy but I mean literally I leave one world to go to the next.
I need really adjusting time and a slow wake up.
Sometimes I live a day still half in my dream half alive whilst doing my daily routines.
The pictures replaying in my head of what I dreamed coming and going with strong emotions fitting the subject.
When my dreams are really weird and don’t make sense I try to search online what my dream meant, the colors sometimes so clearly pointed out, the people in my dreams using words which are echoing in my mind.
Yes easy subconscious and conscious blending in. Things experienced during the day later explained in your dreams .
We all intuitively know what a dream is, there’s no universally accepted definition of dreaming.
It is easy to imagine that the random imagery and sensations created in this way could be woven together to create a complex, multisensory hallucination which we might call a dream.
Dreams can awaken creativity maybe the fact that my dreams are so vivid and I remember them so well has to do with the fact I am an artist or maybe the other way around.
I can only be creative because I have these dreams and remember them so well.
Dreams play a role in memory incorporation and influence our long-term moods and physiology.
So back to my thoughts of what if it is a ‘different world’ and we have alternative dimensions? Yes I am causing mental vertigo now, but who are we to think that for example coma patients are not perfectly fine in their dream world. It is us who wants them to ‘our’ world to be psychical again to communicate with words coming through the mouth.
I just read in the news paper that a man after 16 years of coma awakened.  They worked with pulses to stimulate the nerve system. That is super news but I can not hold back on saying that
it surprised me how they described that this man was without consciousness and experts say that this type of coma is just a stage of ‘waiting to die’ . That sounds so extremely shallow, hollow even, so without any knowledge, the book ‘A brief history of time’ is a good example of that there is more than only the physical world.
Yes dream on ..dream big!