Yes I  complained about 2018, what was that !?
I have been smacked down to the ground a few times,

Like a little bird who hits the just cleaned glass door,

confused she ruffled her feathers and flew on .

You can feel sorry for yourself to a point.
There is a time to get angry and get it over with.
Don’t carry baggage with you.
Where you want to take it anyway? doesn’t take you anywhere.
Get angry, even when everyone tells you to behave,
why ?

Don’t put life into a box, it is the approach what is so important, do you see the beauty of it, or do you just exist?

Be careful you just exist,

that is dangerous.

See the small things in life which makes you happy, those are the moments which puts an instant smile on your face.

Go for life, go for it, while you are there.

Be alive and fly as the little bird ten times against a window and feel it,
get cross,
look life square in the face,
look at it and say yes ,
it does hurt.
But don’t just exist,

So lets move on to 2019 with a beautiful smile !
Happy Christmas to you,

thank you for following me,


2019 will be shocking good!