I have questioned this before ‘the ego or the soul’ and the effect social media has when it comes to this debate.
The discussion is that our generation is busy to matter online when in reality our power is within.
The soul .
But we can see that social media is only an extension of our natural traits as members of the human race.
Only it has the amazing power to project the image of ourselves,
or images we have created artistically to a global audience.

We are all creators exhibtionists and voyeurs, that is why social media is so successful,
but we should realise that social media has existed since the evolution of man womankind, cave paintings and basic jewellery, right through the centuries to the present-day when we get ready every day,
to live our day and so our lives.

We do our hair, apply cosmetics, pick our nicest outfit to wear,
one last look in the mirror to check that the image you want to present of yourself is ok.

Then you walk outside into the street,
into the first and most fundamental social media of all,
the public domain.

Where we all observe each other as we go about our daily lives, if you look good and feel good, then it is surely good for the soul …