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A time ago I went to this amazing party, you park your car at a certain somewhere and you find yourself queuing for a bus ride up in the mountains somewhere…For me a challenge to give in to the vibe of the evening and let control flow . Finding myself in the back of a car is already a far lived adventure for me and especially to a place no-one ever heard of is just simply pure adventure. Oh yes call me prudent, prudish or boring, life just took me differently and sometimes I try to take a different route for the sake of it! But what is in my heart and soul can’t be changed by any challenge and so I find myself taking a picture of the balloons, the Ibiza style of indicating there is a party.

Today I was back for a complete different purpose and realised the same pole was not that ‘party looking ‘ anymore.
Still there, silently waiting to have a purpose again. I do like the picture, the pole is there ..just there ..!