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Amazing little Island in the middle of this immense oceanic big huge world ..

When I fly away I look back at this little island and hundreds of thoughts cross my mind.

This island has so much but also so little at the same time.

The question always arises why do I still live here , what is it that I always fly back to my “home”.

This looks like heaven but I do worry about the waste mountain which they are ‘trying’ to eliminate for the last decade , that us Ibiza people have no idea about separating garbage, we try but the feeling predominates that it will end up on the same mountain anyway, so we maintain the ‘why bother mentality’.

The sewerage system which is a million years old and keeps on breaking here and there . The millions of people coming to the island and half of them is clueless, the amount of new chirinquitos and lists you have to be on, to get to the next amazing super not to be missed party ..so on and on, around we go .

It is so good to get away and touch base with a different reality, smell the cities,

Feel the energy ,see the stress on peoples faces when they work their way in the plunging rain squeezed under an umbrella.

To see gorgeous men in suits god how I miss them on this Island. Women with goodlooking pencil skirts looking smart and sexy.

I love the colors of the leaves of the trees especially in New York and Connecticut, the scent of the mimosa in Italy , the fresh croissants in Paris , cold snow flakes falling on your face when you look up, the noise and even the smell what comes out of the metro grids on the streets of Paris .

Annie Lennox uses that famous sound of the metro in “This City never sleeps” precisely that feeling ..

The sensation of the stress which makes your head spin, the absolute insanity of “must” do’s ,the overrated social groups politics, the hundreds of new restaurants I have to queue up for, the appointments you have to plan weeks and weeks ahead …and yes when I did it all, sensed it all again, till my island glow starts to slowly fade into grey, it is time to return to my Island which is waiting as a good old friend to turn to and have a good glass of wine with and relax..

goodnight wherever you are