Dear you!,
Writing my update right in the middle of how I call it the ‘Life before and after 2020’.  
Did we enter a huge global wake up call?. 
You can call this a Black swan event, impossible to predict due to their extreme rarity yet have catastrophic consequences.
An event always alluring and important to acknowledge by us, humanity, and act accordingly once in it.                  
I hope we can be grateful for the virus because it might be the reason we survive as a species.
We could try to see this as a sobering force that will temper our consumerist appetites and jet-setting habits.
There is a chance we can emerge from the health crisis as more conscientious humans.
We applaud for the standstill for all the things it brought, in awe we looked at the bright sky, saw stars and mountains far away never seen before
Mesmerized by animals on places where humans normally sit or walk, flowers blossoming, clean rivers, happy birds singing.
We were so happy, over the moon with our beautiful looking planet. 
And for an instant we believed…
It seems we are forced to find new values, values of simple experience, of friendship and love, beauty in music, arts and crafts, 
things that moves you, memories you can treasure.
It might just turn the world around for the better.
The compassion towards each other will resonate into something much bigger which will effectively hits the environment,
the industries of all sorts, and so hopefully the general thinking process. 
However, the fearful soul can foreclose such opportunities by seeking comfort in the familiar, and the doubting soul can seek to reassure itself by denying the reality in order to maintain a world view that can be confirmed by others.
It is for us to use this standstill to realise what has changed for you,.?
Lots of Love Lolo Loren