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War child Ibiza Dinner

War child Ibiza Dinner

Excited to donate this red Dragon painting for the Auction which raises money for Warchild.

A super initiative in an amazing restaurant !
Lets wake up Ibiza and put War child on the map here as well.


The Dragon is a mythological entity which exists in all times and cultures, symbolizing wisdom and power.
To find this wisdom and knowledge, men must search in her inner aspects and in the unknown.
Red has a strong symbolic nature owing to its natural manifestation in blood and fire, being connected to magic and force.

So Red Dragon, what wall will you enrich with your powers?

Lolo Loren, Dutch artist living in Ibiza for thirteen years, offers this auction item.
She lives between worlds. She studied economics and has worked in fashion and interior design in Paris and Amsterdam.
Her art arises from a fearless impulse to explore outside the barriers.

Raise your hand please


Behind me

Behind me

As it is a very difficult thing to explain the actual physical existence of being and the existence in frequences such as Einstein was referring to centuries ago without me sounding to hazy .
I have to explain where art is coming from where it is created for me, once a man told me ‘when copying stops art begins’.
That means it must be made in a kind of state of subconsciousness to not be affected by outside influences to have the slightest indication which refers to copying.

You can call it inspired by whats happening in this world, other people call it copying, a difference between a negative and supportive or positive approach.
Sometimes when you drive your car, you start with thoughts , they linger on, till a point where you look out of the window and think , oh wow I am already here.
That is the state what I call subconscious .
My moment of painting is the moment when you drive your car and realise you are already further than you thought.

I paint between consciousness and subconsciousness. There is a small line between the two , I am there.

This painting clearly shows the thin line between subconscious and conscious or better said life as we call reality and the life we can not actually see but what we are able to feel.

Almost Angelic, the thin line between the past, the presence where the person is standing in the middle of the painting , in the midst of life,
looking to the right at the future ,
which is fairly white and a clear path to be given purpose to.

The person on the left indicating the past as a vague image and a story lived, slowly fading away.

The tones of green on the person in the presence, the one in the middle, and randomly on the right side of the painting, (clearly not in the past on the left side of the painting) relates to balance and harmony.

From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart, such as life is.

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth.

Look to the future that is where you go.




People always criticize me for one thing is that I do not have one similar looking ‘line’ or style in my work, one style which clearly identifies Lolo Loren.

First of all I do not agree but to defend myself I always explain that if you paint on intuition,
like I do,
you simply can not have always the same style as life does not come always the same or in balance in order to be very recognisable in style , to me almost boring and without expression from the heart.
It comes with waves of happiness, darkness to balance that happiness,
with sorrow and joy,
grief and new perfect experiences,
that is how life is and should be,
if you paint throughout those experiences you have to see differences in the paintings therefor style as well.

When I painted orange I clearly was in a good energetic vibe.
Orange is related to our intuition, the color orange provides emotional strength in difficult times.
It helps us get through disappointments, despair and grief.

In color psychology, the color orange is optimistic and uplifting – it lifts our spirits.
In fact, orange is so optimistic and uplifting, that we all should find ways to implement it in our daily lives.
Using an orange colored pencil or a pen may be enough. So this painting is one big bomb of optimisme.

The color orange adds spontaneity and a positive way of looking at life.
It’s a great color to use in tough economic times, to keep us motivated and help us look at the bright side of life.
With great enthusiasm, the color orange calls for adventure and risk-taking, physical confidence, competition and independence.

Those inspired by orange are always on the go!
This was the time I was very focussed on America, my Art fairs there and putting my name Lolo Loren on the soils of the States.

This painting would be very suitable in areas where you eat and where you invite people the color orange makes your guests talk and eat for a long time..
Orange increase appetite and promote conversation and social interaction, making the guests enjoy themselves, and thus eating and drinking more.
If you paint in Orange and that is the color I choose without thinking, it offers new ideas and releases the body of spiritual limitations, so it had to be completely orange almost without any visual distractions as vague figures or figurative lines to achieve the feeling to be ourselves and feel the freedom when looking at the painting.