Lolo Loren, born Lise Lorraine Gelderman, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, signs her art with LL that stands for all the L’s in her names and life. Today, Lolo lives at Ibiza with her children. Inspired by the island, the light, the objectivity of the people, the absolute tranquility versus the bohemian party scene, she found her place to live and to paint, looking for new inspiration through fashion, people, colors, internet, the sea, the beach, the sand, a party – everything she saw or experienced, when you look long enough you will discover hidden faces or items or things to see which are not seen or seen differently by others, suddenly appearing without purpose. Lolo studied fashion and design at Esmod Academie, Paris, Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam’s Vogue Academy and worked for Dutch interior designers. For her paintings Lolo uses natural materials, pigments, Arabic gum, paint, canvas and high gloss coating, creating three-dimensional effects, making the colors bright and intense. From painting came photography. Her interaction with the camera position and her feelings at that moment determine the final image. In 2017, Lolo Loren was part of the exhibition Variations on the same Subjects at the ArtsParks Gallery in Hollywood, Florida, presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA and during Art Basel Miami week. Lolo’s main goal is that the images let you explore your own thoughts and desires, as the viewers appreciated in her exquisite photograph Triangle presented and sold by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Art Boca Raton 2017, as well will contemplate again in her new impressive photograph Cold World that will be presented in Art Boca Raton 2018.28167325_2320194454673558_6322478603723858113_nContemporary Art Projects USA/Art Boca Raton 2018

March 14 – March 18 | 2018

Art Boca will be located at the Research Park on the grounds of Florida Atlantic University, 3450 NW 8th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Vernissage | March 14 | 2018 | 6:00p.m.

Booth #108