The world is on the black side of humanity.
Like a huge volcano ready to spit the fire with such force we can not even begin to imagine what hit us.
Let all malfunctions collapse on all levels is what I hope.
We fear more and more control over medical status, financial statements and possessions we keep in the ‘hidden closet’, a change which will not be a nice one and will maybe expand too far that there is no way back to whatever we consider normal. Because that question should be asked as well what is normal or what is your ideal world. Do you ever raise that question to yourself? Anxiously we are waiting for what is about to happen because nothing is stable at the moment you can’t deny that. Even my smile isn’t.

It seems we are divided by 2 over the vaccination protocol and everything which comes with that even if we don’t want to be divided, it happens reluctantly. On the other side of the world people¬†are searching desperately for refuge, some are trapped in their religious restrictions made and based on the wrong translation so to speak and live their lives as slaves or worse waiting for some light to come in, because there is always hope and there is always a tomorrow.

People are on the streets fighting for the human rights. Others are writing articles even on the always so safe and conform the rules platform LinkedIn, you find people protesting and speaking up. Ceo’s of hospitals found their platform to voice their truth, encouraged to write more by the increase of their likes and comments .

Countries are in despair, chaos and fear, systems collapsing, leaderships are challenged. The earth is shaken literally by the immens magnetically influence of the 2 planets Saturn and Uranus which are so close to earth at the moment, Uranus the least understood planet by Nasa. It shows! It is like the core, the heart of the earth is pounding forcefully. It shows in the extreme weather changes, volcanos, floods and more. No it is not only Climate change due to our polluting habits what makes the world shiver.

What is wrong and where are we?..what if I tell you that every 20 years we go through the same cycle due to the positions of the planets of big events which changes the world drastically in what ever shape of form would you believe me ?. We had the end of slavery 200 years ago, the end of the Berlin Wall, end of communism, but we had also 9/11 not all was good. Walking in the colosseum in Rome I realised century after century we go through fases of suppression, slavery, power struggles, religion oppositions and revolutions. Compare to the still beautiful old age colosseum we are now in hightech gladiator time !

I just try to smile .