In amazement I am following the last months the stories on social media.
They say people have read more because of the lockdown, effectively more time to invent theories too crazy to believe.
I read a lot with an open mind, there are subjects where I try to dig deeper, use different platforms to see all points of views as much as possible. Some stories I try to discard.
There were days that I shared a post, I would sit and wait for the immediate attack of opinions, screaming and cursing calling me left, right, pink or black winged. Sometimes I deleted it, feeling a lack of strength to put up the fight.
I have read that F—bo-k and Twi–er deleting groups which are not conform their ‘rules’. We could call that censure. I wonder why we are so keen on marking ’terrible unbelievable stories’ fake news or conspiracy theory.
Is that because it is too unreal to believe, too brutal or horrific to acknowledge that we rather close our eyes.
Or maybe easier to categorise it as conspiracy and fake than to have to deal with the appalling things us humans are able to do to each other?
Is it that the fearful soul can foreclose such opportunities by seeking comfort in the habits in familiar territory and that the doubting soul can seek to reassure itself by denying the reality in order to maintain a world view that can be confirmed by others which makes you feel safe enough?
Respect for each other doesn’t necessarily mean we have to have the same opinion.
It is of crucial importance to have a freedom of speech.
When my father would ask my grandmother what are you thinking about, she would reply :“ thoughts are free” ( gedachtes zijn vrij)
The powerful inheritance of the terrible years spent in the Japanese camp during World War II. Have we forgotten what happened in World War II?
Indeed I would have rather marked them as conspiracy or fake.
We are so caught up in Covid we have forgotten the bigger picture.
It seems we are forced to find new values, values of simple experience, of friendship and love, beauty in music, arts and crafts,
Things that move you, memories you can treasure.
It might just turn the world around for the better.
The compassion towards each other will resonate into something much bigger which will effectively hits the environment, and so hopefully the general thinking process.
Sometimes I think no one can take away my silence, it is only there where the freedom lies, even behind my mask which I detest living with.
Thoughts are free.